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I love being outdoors, especially in beautiful wild locations where trout thrive, and also enjoy capturing pictures to document the experience, in an effort to recall fond memories when I am too old and frail to be there.

My fly fishing photos are available to purchase as prints as well as digital stock format for advertising, books, magazines, web site's, catalogs, etc.

Fly Fishing Alaska 2023 Fly Fishing Alaska 2022 Fly Fishing Oregon 2021
Fly Fishing Alaska
July 2023
Fly Fishing Alaska
June 2022
Fly Fishing Central Oregon
July 2021

Fall fly fishing trip November 2013 New Zealand brown trout scales Fall 2010 fly fishing for brown trout
Fall Fly Fishing Trip
November 2013
New Zealand
December 2012
Fall Fly Fishing Trip
November 2010
Kokanee Salmon California Golden Trout New York brown trout
Sierra Kokanee Salmon
September 2010
California Golden Trout
August 2010
Upstate New York Fly Fishing
July 2010
fly fishing for leopard sharks in the surf Sierra Rainbow Trout Face 2009 fall fly fishing trip
Fly Fishing Malibu Surf
May 2010
Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing
May 2010
Fall Fly Fishing Trip
2008 Fall fly fishing trip photos 2008 Western Sierra fly fishing photos 2008 Eastern Sierra fly fishing photography
Fall Fly Fishing Trip
Western Sierra Fly Fishing
Eastern Sierra Fly Fishing
Kern river fall fly fishing 2007 Fall fly fishing for trout photos Brown trout and rainbow trout gallery
Western Sierra Fly Fishing
Fall Fly Fishing Trip
Trout Photo Gallery
2006 Kern River fly fishing trip photos steelhead rainbow trout Largemouth Bass photos
Sierra Kern River Fly Fishing
Fall Fly Fishing Trip
Largemouth Bass
underwater fly fishing photography Fly fishing in Chile photos  
Underwater Fly Fishing
Patagonia Chile Fly Fishing


Trout and the environments they thrive in are some of my favorite places to visit, and photograph. I don't bring my camera gear every time I go fly fishing but when I do feel like dividing time between fishing and photography, I bring a Nikon D800 for shooting above water and a D300 in a submergible housing for underwater shots. My favorite lenses on stream are the Nikon 24-70 f/2.8, Nikon 70-200 f/2.8, Nikon 300mm f/4, and Nikon 60 & 200mm macro.

Starting in 2022 I typically use an iPhone for photography....



fly fishing photography magazine cover shots

A few of my magazine cover shots


Hexagenia mayfly on my Hardy Angel fly reel

Time to Go Fishing


Fly Fishing a rocky point Malibu California

Fly Fishing the Salt


Adirondack Fly Fishing on the Ausable River

Fly Fishing Fresh Water


Gorgeous high altitude Sierra rainbow trout macro close up photograph of its face and dry fly

Gorgeous Rainbow Trout


brown trout on the line

Gorgeous Brown Trout


under water black and white brown trout

Pretty Brown Trout

underwater brown trout photo

Beautiful Trout Stream - underwater fly fishing photography


steelhead photographed underwater being released

catch, photograph and release fly fishing is great sport


Fall Sierra fly fishing

Sierra Fall Fly Fishing


A buddy with a beautiful rainbow trout

Touching Rainbows


A happy school of brook trout

Underwater School of Brook Trout


Nice Brown Trout

Nice Fish


huge trophy brown trout

Friend with a nice fish

Black & White photo of a gorgeous brown trout

I love brown trout


 Beautiful Colors

Glowing Colors


looking inside a brown trout mouth

He looks hungry


under water fly fishing photography, brown trout release

Under water fly fishing photography sure is fun

I use a Nikon D200 underwater and a D300 above water


Gorgeous Steelhead rainbow trout

Steelhead Rainbow Trout


Adirondack Rainbow Trout

Adirondack Rainbow Trout


A magnificent Brown Trout - caught and released in Patagonia

My favorite Brown Trout, caught, photographed & released, Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Chile


Fall Fly Fishing in New York

Another fun day


Winter fly fishing in the snow is a blast

Fly fishing is fun year round, including winter


Fly fishing for largemouth bass

Bass are great sport on the fly


fish eye view

Fish eye perspective, as it rises to flip its middle fin...


Fly fishing stock photography images available in print and digital format
for use in interior decoration, publishing, advertising and web site graphics

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