Graham Owen Realistic Insect Art


Graham Owen is a renowned artist known for his realistic fly tying and insect art. His journey began with creating lifelike fishing flies, which eventually led to a full-time career in crafting replica insects for Hollywood productions. He has contributed to numerous movies and TV shows, including "Breaking Bad," by providing intricately detailed insect props. In addition to his work in the film industry, Owen has gained recognition for his collaboration with famous designers and artists, such as the renowned designer Ingo Maurer. His artistry in replicating butterflies and insects is characterized by astonishing attention to detail, showcasing his talent and expertise in this unique form of art

"Primarily, I make detailed insect replicas, combining realism and impressionism, to express my artistic interpretation of the magical micro-cosmos of beauty and diversity of hidden worlds beyond the familiar. In essence - more art than science."

All commissions, whether private or corporate, are welcome, and to each project I bring a creative eye and professional commitment.


Realistic Insect Replicas

Blue butterfly replicas Green beetle and fly Dragonfly and housefly
Butterflies Insects & More Realistic Bugs in Action


Artistic Collaborations

Ingo Maurer Biotope Mikimoto Pearls honeybees Insect props

Ingo Maurer - Lighting Designs

Ingo Maurer - Page 2

Mikimoto Pearls - Honeybees Film & Photography Props


Artistic Fly Tying

Realistic Hexaginia Mayflies Cracker fishing fly Realistic October Caddis Fly
Realistic Fly Tying Fishing Flies Atlas of Creation


Selection of Ingo Maurer lamps & Graham Owen insects

Modern Magazine Spring 2017 cover - Ingo Maurer Flatterby lamp

Flatterby lamp on cover of Modern Magazine


Interior Design magazine cover June 2011 butterflies schmetterling

Interior Design magazine Market Tabloid cover page


Ingo Maurer designer lighting inside the Spazio KRIZIA in milan Italy April 2011

Spazio KRIZIA - Milan Italy 2011


JB Schmetterling in the Smithsonian National Design Muesum

J.B. Schmetterling in the Smithsonian National Design Museum permanent collection

Ingo Maurer J.B. Schmetterling limited edition light fixture

J.B. Schmetterling (German for butterfly) limited production of 200 - All SOLD OUT

Ingo MaurerJohnny B. Butterfly lamp

Johnny B. Butterfly


Graham Owen at Diva Furniture Los Angeles

Diva Furniture - Beverly Blvd Los Angeles


Butterflies Dreaming lamp

Butterflies Dreaming - very large bulb


Graham Owen artist in Milan

feeling proud seeing my art on display Milan Design Week 2018


Butterflies Dreaming bulb being installed in Georgia Europe

Careful installation


three butterfly lamps

Tsinandali Estate Georgia - Radisson Collection


I Ricchi Poveri Silver Bzzzz - limited edition

I Ricchi Poveri Silver Bzzzz - limited edition - 50 pieces - SOLD OUT


silver plated damselfly

handmade Damselfly - clad in sterling sliver


JB Dragonfly lamp

J.B. Dragonfly lamp - one of five made


Ingo Maurer JB Dragonfly lamp on display at The Conran Shop London England 2012

Red J.B. Dragonfly lamp - The London Design Festival - Conran Shop


Sotheby's aution Ingo Maurer dragonfly lamp

Fifth one sold at auction for $85,000. US Dollars


Dragon Attack

Dragon Attack


Graham Owen in Milan Italy

Design Week Milan Italy 2013


Graham Owen and Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer & Graham Owen


Five Butterflies Ingo Maurer table lamp


5 Butterflies lamp

5 Butterflies lamp


custom table lamp made from sea sponges

Table lamp


gift from Ingo to his wife Jenny Maurer

Birthday gift from Ingo Maurer to his wife Jenny


Ingo Maurer Biotope in the Spzio Krizia Milan Italy

Biotope - 4 meters in length - Center piece at Spazio Krizia - Design Week Milan Italy - April 2011


Biotope Lamp installation

Biotope installation - under the chapel dome of a palace built by the Vatican


LED Butterflies

12 Volt "LED Butterflies" with copper wings


Ingo Maurer green Biotope Wall on display Spazio Krizia Milan Italy 2012

Biotope Wall illuminated with LED butterflies - on display - Design Week Milan Italy 2012

Now installed in a very wonderful new modern house in Switzerland


Fly lamp



Fly lamp

I Ricchi Poveri - Fly


Ingo Maurer 50th Anniversary Bulb Fly

Ingo Maurer 50th Anniversary - limited edition 188 units " Bulb"


Ingo Maurer Limited Edition Bulb with Graham Owen houseflies

Milan Design Week 2017

Ingo and Graham with 50th anniversary lamp - limited edition 12 units "Bulb Fly"


Limmited Edition Ingo Maurer Bulb

The most beautiful light comes from a human heart - Ingo Maurer


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