Largemouth Bass, Fly Fishing and Conventional Fishing


Before getting into fly fishing and photography, I used to enjoy fishing my local southern California lakes for largemouth bass. I hope to enjoy doing it again this spring... The image directly below is one of the first shots taken with my first SLR camera, a Nikon D200, in 2006.

Some of the photos on this page are crude scans of old photographs. If the fishing is good this year, I hope to spruce this page up...


Nice Bass on the fly

Nice bass, nice boat, nice rod, nice reel, overall, a very nice day

largemouth bass

SoCal bass fishing can be great!


A shad fly that catches large bass

This shad fly worked wonders on the largemouth bass


A couple more largemouth bass

Time to release them

Trophy bass

Nice fish

A couple of huge bass

Beleive it or not, these fish were released


13 lb, 10 lb, 9 lb, 8 lb and 6 lb

A very good day!


wood, plastic and rubber bass lures

Some of my old largemouth bass lures


Trophy size largemouth bass

I noticed that I fished with apples in my pockets over a decade ago, as I do now..


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