Fly Fishing Chile -2002

Puerto Montt & Tierra Del Fuego - Patagonia


map of Chile

March 27 2002 our party of eight people, six fly fishers, accompanied by a professional photographer and distinguished Chilean publisher met at Santiago International Airport.

Within a couple of hours we were on board a Lan Chile flight to Puerto Montt, which means mountain port in English. From Puerto Montt we drove for several hours to our destination, the Victoria Lodge on the Rio Puelo.

We fished Rio Puelo for a day and a half and departed for another fine lodge by the Rio Petrohue. We had a fabulous meal at the Llanquihue (yan kee way) lodge and had the pleasure of meeting General Chuck Yeager. We all fished Rio Petrohue the next day.

After fishing glacial fed rivers in the Andes for 2 1/2 days we headed back to Puerto Montt airport for a Lan Chile flight to Punta Arenas, Patagonia.

Upon arriving in Punta Arenas we boarded a charter flight on Patagonia Airlines, a Twin Otter aircraft to fly us across the Straight of Magellan to Cameron airstrip.

We immediately departed in 4 wheel drive vehicles to Cameron lodge. The reception, food and wines were greatly appreciated.

Overall the trip was incredible! Magnificent scenery and amazing fly fishing, coupled with friendly expert guides, proved to be a perfect combination.

Chile is a fabulous country to visit, the spirit, scenery, wildlife, people, food and wine are some of the best in the world.

I brought two small point & shoot cameras, one digital and the other film. Almost all of the film photos were apparently cooked and destroyed by airport x-ray machines, this trip was taken shortly after 911.

Someday I hope to repeat this trip, with better cameras!

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A glorious day on the Rio Grande river in southern Patagonia

Morning fishing on the Rio Grande was great


Fly fishing for huge sea run brown trout in southern Patagonia Chile

Evening fishing was fantastic


Graham with a large sea run brown trout

The sea run brown trout were incredibly strong


Another nice fish caught and released on the Rio Grande in Chile

The weather was perfect


smallest fish of the trip

My smallest fish caught on the Rio Grande


gorgeous Rio Grande sea run brown trout

These fish are as powerful as they are beautiful


large sea run brownie with muscles

These fish had muscles instead of fat


21 pound sea run brown trout

My largest fish, an amazingly powerful sea run brown trout, weighed 21 pounds


What a beast, a magnificent male brown trout with gorgeous orange colors

My favorite fish of the trip!


Graham witha nice fish, and Keith with a fish on his line

I'm about to release a nice fish while Keith is in the middle of a battle


Keith's fish, a large female sea run brown trout

Keith with a strong fish


large female brown trout

Another nice fish


Jim Teeny enjoying a nice evening, fly fishing the Rio Grande River in southern Patagonia

My friend Jim Teeny fishing at sunset


We often fished well after dark

the evening bite was as good as the morning bite


aerial view of remote southern Patagonia fiords

Luckily i had a window seat on the flight from Puerto Montt to Punta Arenas


Lan Chile airlines 737 at Punta Arenas airport

We arrived at Punta Arenas airport in Tierra del Fuego


Patagonia Airlines

Patagonia Airlines


Both aircraft, Punta Arenas

Transferring to Patagonia Airlines Twin Otter for a flight across the Straights of Magellan


We arrived safely at Cameron airstrip in tierra del Fuego

Cameron airstrip in Tierra del Fuego


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