Fall Fly Fishing Photography - Brown Trout & Rainbow Trout


November 2009

Fall foliage sunrise reflection seen from my rental cottage front deck

November 1st Sunrise - Fall Foliage Reflection


Boat Dock and fall foliage sunrise reflection

View across the river from my rental cottage


Canada Geese in flight, coming in for a landing

Canada Geese flew over constantly


Gorgeous hen brown trout underwater photo

This is what the trip is about, catching, admiring, photographing and releasing beautiful trout


Brent with a nice catch

My friend Brent enjoying a nice warm day


pretty trout stream with a happy fly fisherman

Nice View


Graham with a huge heavy hen brown trout

I Love Big Hen Brown Trout


Huge beautiful brown trout

Big Buck Browns are Greatly Appreciated


Graham Owen with a nice rainbow trout

Rainbow Trout were an added bonus


Brent with a pretty trout

Nice Brown Trout


Mike Morphew fly fishing

My friend Mike, Fly Fishing at Dawn


Mike Morphew with a gorgeous brownie

Mike Morphew with a Gorgeous Brown Trout

Mike, formerly one of the Queens chefs at Buckingham Palace, cooked amazing dinners!


Graham with a pretty fish and bamboo fly rod

We caught, photographed and released a lot of fish


Brent with a beautiful brown trout



Gorgeous female brown trout

Pretty Girl


macro photo of a female brown trout face

Pretty Face


Macro photo of a brown trout fin, backlit

Glowing Fin


macro close up view of a brown trout tail

Nice Tail


macro photo of brown trout scales

Brown Trout Scales Underwater


Trout fin with a drop of water reflecting the river and sky

Trout Fin - water droplet with river & sky reflection


Hungry brown trout B&W underwater fly fishing photography

Hungry Trout


Brownt trout reflection seen underwater



underwater female brown trout vertical

Pretty girl


Underwater view of a pretty trout stream and large female brown trout

Beautiful Trout Stream - perfect for underwater fly fishing photography


macro Coho Salmon face close up

I was thrilled to catch & release a Coho Salmon


Close up view of a Coho Salmon



macro close up Coho Salmon gill plate with amazing colors

Coho gill plate with amazing colors


King Salmon

Brent with a King Salmon


Mike enjoying another beautiful day on stream

Another Beautiful Day


A pretty male brown trout with fantastic colors

Another Beautiful Trout


Graham about to release a brown trout

We caught a lot of fish


Beautiful rainbow trout photographed with a 300mm lens

Beautiful Rainbow Trout


Red tailed Hawk in flight

Magnificent Red-tailed Hawk Hunting


Beautiful Red-tailed hawk with a mouse

Red tailed hawk flying back across the river with a snack


17 to 18 pound male brown trout, what a beauty

I caught & released this huge male brown trout in the morning


Huge hook jawed brown trout about to be released

Mike caught it again, down river, late in the afternoon


huge male brown trout with massive shoulders

Massive shoulders


Monster brown trout

It's a monster


large male brown trout reflection under the waters surface

Trout Mirror - He's ready to chase the hens


Feisty Rainbow Trout

Another Feisty Rainbow trout


Brilliant orange colored brown trout

Brownie glowing orange


close up shot of a female brown trout face

Lit up with Sunshine


female brown trout face close up pic

Female Brown trout ready to be released


brown trout spots

Brown Trout Spots


under water fly fishing photography, brown trout release

Back in his element


Released brown trout swims away

Brown Trout Release, hope to see you again next year...


Canada Geese in flight

Some Geese took off, heading south


Canada Geese dancing in sunset light upon the water

Others danced in sunset light


Great Blue Heron sunset flight

It was a great trip


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