Close Up and Macro Photography


tiny little bug on a Red Maid wildflower and his name is Pollinator



pick sweetpea blossom

Sweet Pea

Pink rose blossom

Pink Rose

pink rose in black and white

Black and White Rose


Honeybee in flight approaching fresh spring cherry blossoms

Honeybee in Flight


honey bee and spring cherry blossoms

Honey bee enjoying spring cherry blossoms


Pink wildflowers

Deptford Pink wildflowers

Bumble Bee & Lupine macro

Bumble Bee & Lupine


red eye housefly close up macro view

Fly on Flower


purple wildflower

Tiny Flower


Monarch Butterfly



Kennedy Mariposa Lily

Mariposa Lily


California Poppy petals close up

Poppy Petal


backlit California poppy flower

Golden Poppy


desert bee and a Kennedys Mariposa lily

Happy Bee

Macro photography of a Bee on a flower

Honey Bee


macro photography of an orange dragonfly

Hungry Dragonfly


close up macro photography of an orange dragonflies wings

Dragonfly Close Up


macro photo of a female brown trout face

Brown Trout Face


macro close up view of a brown trout tail

Brown Trout Tail - Underwater


macro photo of a golden stonefly face



cactus needles





backlit beautiful yellow aspen leaf

Beautiful Aspen leaf


glowing orange aspen leaf

Glowing Orange


Macro photo green aspen leaf

Glowing Green


Daylily Macro

Orange Daylily


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