Alaska Fly Fishing Adventure




Alaska Airlines Pixar 737 in Anchorage Alaska

Start of a fun trip, Alaska Airlines from Anchorage Alaska to Bethel


Grant Aviation Cessna Gran Caravans in Bethel Alaska

Cessna Grand Caravans to Quinhagak


Flying shotgun in a Cessna Grand Caravan over the Alaska tundra

Vast expanse of tundra below


Kanektok River aeiral view

The amazing Kanektok River


Quinhagak Airport signage AQH

Welcome to Quinhagak Alaska


Quinagak airport getting organized

Waders and raincoats on before the 18 mile boat ride up river


old boat with wildflowers growing inside

Wildflowers in bloom


boats arriving at Dave Duncan and Sons Camp

Arriving at Camp


inside the main tent

Camp is a happy place


inside my tent

I think I brought enough gear, filled my tent


Guide Matt Moffatt tying hot flies for Salmon

Guide Matt Moffatt tying up some hot flies


chrome bright silver salmon

First fish, a bright Silver Salmon, with a brown bear pinky claw swipe


colored Chum Salmon

Chum Salmon spawning colors
The river was full of Chum Salmon, was hard to keep them off the line


Dog Salmon teeth

Chum Salmon AKA Dog Salmon grow teeth upon entering fresh water


Coastal Brown Bear tracks

Coastal Brown Bear mother and cub tracks


mouse fly foam and deer hair

Casting a 6wt fly rod with a top water floating mouse fly is exceptionally exciting!


Leopard Rainbow Trout on a mouse fly

Magnificent Leopard Rainbow Trout


Beaver Lodge

Beaver Lodges are home to many rainbow trout


Guide Sam Ellinger

Great day fishing with Guide Sam Ellinger


rainbow trout and a fine dog on stream

Fishing for Salmon and catching rainbows


Graham Owen with a nice rainbow trout

such pretty fish


underwater rainbow trout photography

All of the fish on this trip were catch and released


Grayling on a dry fly

Grayling on dry flies is fun in the small side channels


Dolly Varden are amazingly beautiful

Dolly Varden are stunningly beautiful fish


Dolly Varden in the net

Fun to catch too!


silver salmon in the rain

Rained every day


Guide Tate Petersen

Sockeye Salmon with Guide Tate Petersen


hot fly for Sockeye Salmon

The Sockeye smashed this fly, great battle on a light 6wt fly rod


Bright Red Alaska King Salmon

Gorgeous King Salmon


small Pink Salmon

Feisty little Pink Salmon


small fish

Smallest fish of the trip

I caught all 5 species of Pacific Salmon

King-Chinook, Coho-Silver, Sockeye-Red, Pink-Humpy and Chum-Dog


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