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Graham Owen, an American artist and natural photographer, has gained international acclaim for his detailed "artificial insects," which have been incorporated into leading lighting designs, private and institutional art collections, advertisements, and films.

Born in 1961 on the island of Penang, Malaysia, Owen's upbringing involved living in various countries, fostering his passion for nature and the outdoors. His artistic talent may be genetic, as his mother, grandmother and Great Grandfather Imre Kiralfy were accomplished artists.

Prior to his successful art career, Owen made significant contributions to the solar energy industry, serving as a solar contractor in Southern California for over 30 years. His photography, characterized by a unique blend of Realism and Artistic Impressionism, has been featured on the covers of various publications, reflecting his keen eye for the natural world. The natural world is well represented.

Owen's work has achieved global recognition and has been displayed in prestigious institutions such as the Smithsonian Design Museum and the Modern Design Museum in Munich. Notably, his creations have been displayed for 10 consecutive years during Design Week in Milan, Italy, showcasing the widespread acclaim for his artistry. Owen's work has been distributed globally and has been incorporated into leading lighting designs, private and institutional art collections, as well as advertisements and films. His collaboration with renowned designers, including the German lighting designer Ingo Maurer, has further solidified his reputation in the art and design world. Additionally, Owen is known for his lifelike insect replicas, which have been featured in collaborations with Mikimoto Pearls and other prominent designers, demonstrating his expertise and craftsmanship in this unique form of art.

Furthermore, Owen has made a significant impact in the film industry by providing intricately detailed insect props for various movies and TV shows, including "Breaking Bad." His attention to detail and creative vision have set him apart, making his art a sought-after addition to various creative projects and collections.

In summary, Graham Owen is a multifaceted artist whose exceptional talent, attention to detail, and creative vision have not only earned him global recognition but also established his work as a valuable and sought-after addition to the worlds of art, design, and entertainment.


Graham F Owen 2017

Happy in Milan - 2017

I love nature, art and photography, and believe they have the power to transform lives by engaging and enriching the human spirit


Graham Owen in Munich Germany

Munich Germany 2012

The purpose and approach of my work is to capture, engage and express my passion, sometimes whimsically, with a firm belief that helping reconnect humanity with the environment is a positive intention. I love what I do and hope to continue for many years to come.


Graham Owen business card

Currently in Gig Harbor Washington


Chicago Tribune Graham Owen article

Front page of the Chicago Tribune


Graham Owen's Art Desk in his home based Art Studio

one of my art desks


Graham Owen celebrity fly tyer Seattle Bellevue Fly Fishing Show 2024

Graham Owen - Fly Tying - 2024 Seattle Bellevue Fly Fishing Show


My insect art in - Smithsonian National Design Museum

One of my favorite solar energy donations - California Condor Recovery project

Making a presentation about solar energy - I was a solar energy contractor in Los Angeles before working as an artist full time.


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