Underwater Fly Fishing Photography


Washington State Sea Run Cuthroat Trout photographed underwater

Pacific Northwest Cuthroat Trout


hungry brown trout

Hungry Brown Trout


large monster brown trout underwater

Nice Fish


Underwater brown trout photo

Brown Trout - Photographed and Released


Beautiful golden trout on the line

Gold Strike


California Golden Trout underwater black and white fly fishing photography

Golden Treasure


Golden trout underwater photography

California Golden Trout


Gorgeous California Golden Trout

Spectacular Colors


What a magnificent creature

Golden Stream


gorgeous brown trout photographed underwater in Oatka Creek NY

Afternoon Delight


Brown trout peeking over the top of the net

Moments before darting away


Over under fly fishing photography releasing a nice brown trout

Oatka Creek New York


Brown trout underwater photo

Gorgeous New York Brown Trout


brown trout underwater

Glowing Fins


Gorgeous small stream brownie photographed underwater

Beautiful little Sierra brown trout


Sierra Brown trout caught, photographed and released

Another beauty, caught photographed and released


underwater fly fishing photography

Fly Fishing for Brown Trout sure is Fun


trout flipping its fin above the surface

Trout rises to flip its middle fin


brown trout smiling for the camera

Often, I think they are amused at our flies


Large female brown trout nymphing in fast water

Feeding in fast water


Gorgeous hen brown trout underwater photo

She's a Beauty


Brownt trout reflection seen underwater

Fall Color Reflection


gorgeous hen brownie smiling for an underwater portrait photo

Smiling for the camera


Underwater view of a pretty trout stream and large female brown trout

Beautiful Trout Stream - perfect for underwater fly fishing photography


large male brown trout reflection under the waters surface

Some streams have monsters


pretty male brown trout being released viewed from below

Pretty Boy


under water fly fishing photography, brown trout release

Pretty girl caught & released


brown trout release seen from above, with fall leaves on the river bottom

I'm Hoping we Meet Again


A happy school of brook trout

Underwater School of Brook Trout


School of Kokanee Salmon, Nikon inside an underwater housing

School of Kokanee salmon enjoying a cold Sierra Stream


Kokanee Salmon swimming upstream underwater photo

Heading Upstream


Fly hooked Kokanee salmon on the line

Beautiful Fish


Large male humpback Kokanee on the line

Kokanee on The Line


underwater photo of a Kokanee Salmon caught fly fishing

Red Streamers Rocked


Red Kokanee salmon underwater reflection



Bright red male Kokanee salmon photograhed underwater

Glowing in Sunlight


Large Kokanee underwater glowing in fall sunlight

Pretty Fish


underwater steelhead photography

Magnificent Steelhead Trout


Beautiful steelhead rainbow trout photographed underwater

Such Beautiful Fish


fish eye view

Fish eye perspective, as it rises to flip its fin at my friend Justin


rainbow trout jumping

Jumping Rainbow Trout - leaping for an above water shot


brown trout tail shot after being released

Thanks for Playing


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