Manmade Scenes and Subjects


SR71 Blackbird






Upstate New york boat house



Morro Rock and Harbor at Dawn

Morro Rock and Harbor Dawn


Fishing boats, Morro Harbor, California

Morro Harbor Dusk


Santa Barbara California

Santa Barbara


Sailboat and Parasail in Santa Barbara sea breeze

Santa Barbara Breeze, Sailboat and Parasail


old metal stuff found while hiking the Sierra



An old Sierra cabin, in the middle of nowhere

Old Sierra Cabin


Tall buildings in Manhattan

Manhattan Skyscrapers


Empire State Building

Empire State Building


Manhattan skyline

Manhattan Skyline


Times Square Manhattan

Times Square


Times Square at night

Times Square at Night


Upstate New York Farm , Sunrise over the heartland

Heartland Sunrise - Upstate New York


Aircraft carrier in San Diego harbor

Aircraft Carrier in San Diego Harbor


Aircraft carrier at night

San Diego Aircraft Carrier at Night


Coronado Bridge at night

Coronado Bridge at Night


San Diego skyline at night

San Diego Harbor Skyline at Night
Photos taken on a dinner boat cruise


Fourth of July fireworks

Beautiful Fireworks


Burbank 4th of July fireworks 2006

Burbank California 4th of July Fireworks 2006


Fireworks photography is challenging, fun and exciting

The show Goes On


Beautiful orange and white foreworks

Ooooohhh, aaaaahh


Burbank fireworks photographed from the roof of my house

Burbank Fireworks show photographed on the roof of my house


Happy Birthday America!!!

Happy Birthday America


Morro Bay Park statue

Celebrating Native American Culture


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