Fly Fishing Crane Prairie Reservoir - Oregon


July 2021

Crane Prairie Reservoir a beautiful lake in central Oregon

Beautiful day on a Beautiful Lake


many trees submerged in the lake

Countless submerged trees


Cormorants nesting in trees

Safe nesting for Cormorants


Great Blue Heron and a White Pelican

Variety of fish eating birds, including Herons and Pelicans


Pair of Bald Eagles sunning their wings to warm up

Early morning, Eagles warming wings in the sun


Graham Owen with full sun protection

Me, wearing full sun protection


Sandro DiPinto a great dear friend

Sandro DiPinto, fly fishing buddy for more than 30 years

We took our first fly tying lessons with Dennis Komatsu at the Fisherman's Spot in Van Nuys California in 1991

We fly fished the Eastern Sierra countless times in the 90's

You couldn't meet a nicer guy, and he will out fish everyone!


Sandro Di Pinto rowing his drift boat

Sandro rowing his drift boat, lot of work


Sandro DiPinto and Tim Rajeff

Fly fishing with Sandro DiPinto and Tim Rajeff


Tim Rajeff with an overflowing selection of fishing flies

Tim with plenty of flies



Fishing was good! Nice Brookie!


Crane Prairie Brook Trout

Brook Trout soon to be released


close up shot of a gorgeous rainbow trout

We mostly caught Rainbow Trout


living and artificial Damselfies



Largemouth Bass

Nice Bass


Balance Leech Fly

Balanced leech flies were productive


another rainbow trout

Plenty of Rainbows


Damselfly Nymph

Damselflies live most of their life underwater, on the bottom of the lake

This Nymph climbed up the anchor rope, an adult hatched (emerged) out of the old skin

Finally having wings, change color to blue, take flight and find a mate


Swarm of blue Damselflies

Swarm of Damselflies


Tim Rajeff launching a drone from the boat

Tim launching a drone


drone aerial view fly fishing Crane Prairie lake Oregon

There we are... Fishing...


nice Bow

Another Pretty Fish


cormorants being fed in the nest

Prolific Reservoir - full of food for all


Crane Prairie lake

Gorgeous Day


Tim Rajeff distance casing a fiberglass Echo fly rod

Tim fishing a blue fiberglass Echo fly rod


Tim Rajeff fly casting a fiberglass Echo fly rod

Tim is a world champion fly caster, and owner of Echo Fly Rods


Sandros Willie drift boat

Sandro's drift boat

I'm grateful for such fun memories!


Crane Prairie Reservoir map

Crane Prairie map by the boat launch

What a magical place to Fly Fish


Sandro DiPinto an amazing chef

Italians are the best chef's, including Sandro

Thanks Buddy!


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