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Nov 20 - Dec 5 - 2012

I spent two weeks enjoying the wonderful grandeur of New Zealand's south island, in springtime, photographing and fly fishing for brown trout. The majestic scenery on the drive down the west coast from Nelson to Queenstown was amazingly beautiful.

I caught, photographed and released my largest and prettiest trout on the first day, before the unusually windy and rainy weather set in. There was no shortage of beautiful sights to admire, birdlife was as plentiful as the trout, and I hope to return someday.

New Zealand south island Alps close up telephoto with snowy peaks

wintry peaks


Eucalyptus trees and snowcapped peaks, an unusual combination

warm valleys


Dense foliage creates a tunnel view photographed with a telephoto lens

country lane


New Zealand green hillsides dotted with sheep

happy sheep


A farmers truck parked on a hillside put the size of the green hills into perspective

glowing hills


Grazing sheep and snowcapped mountain view from the back deck of my rental cottage

view from my rental cottage


New Zealand spring creek flows through an idyllic scene with spring wildflowers in the mix



Spring foliage reflected upon a New Zealand spring creek trout stream

dream stream


Small yellow wildflower close up macro photograph



yellow wildflower

solar powered


New Zealand spring creek with snowcapped mountains in the background and spring wildflowers in the foreground

spring creek


Gorgeous New Zealand brown trout with color and spots provide underwater camouflage



Feisty and beautiful New Zealand brown trout caught on a dry fly, photographed and released unharmed

beautiful brown trout - my net was too small


Close up macro photo of beautiful glowing brown trout scales

glowing scales


Amazingly clear water provides a pure and healthy environment for trout to thrive



Large weeping willow trees line a beautiful New Zealand river

willow view


Pretty 22” New Zealand brown trout, photographed and released

glowing beauty


glowing New Zealand brown trout scales close up macro photo

close up


close up photo of a beautiful New Zealand brown trout face using a Nikon D800 camera and Nikon 200mm macro lens

another beauty


Macro close up photo of brown trout cheeks with glowing blue halos around the spots

glowing cheeks


Fly fishing in New Zealand is pure delight

pure air, pure water, pure delight


David casting dry flies to hungry trout

pure New Zealand


Brown trout swimming the shallows

nice brown trout


Over under water fly fishing photo of a nice brown trout

nice catch


Ari Hart Trilogy fly reel in action

quick snapshot


Underwater photograph of a brown trout being released



David Lambroughton fly fishing a New Zealand estuary where a spring creek meets the ocean

where the river flows into the sea


Graham Owen fly fishing New Zealand

my smallest fish


Silvery brown trout caught and released in salty water by the Tasman Sea

bright little brownie who lives by the sea


Mount Cook rises above the rugged New Zealand coastline

wild and rugged coastline


Kotuku a New Zealand White Heron in flight along the river Waitangiroto

Kotuku - New Zealand White Heron - Egretta Alba Modesta


New Zealand White Heron flying above sand binding pingao plants

cruising effortlessly


White Heron photographed in flight close up

graceful flight


Three young gulls in playful flight

curious gulls


Playful young gulls in flight

playful flight


New Zealand gull in flight with pretty red eyelids and bill

pretty eyes


Male Paradise duck in flight with wings up

Paradise duck in flight


New Zealand Paradise duck in flight

Paradise duck drake


Paradise duck hen swimming in a cool clear stream

Paradise duck hen


Four wild Paradise ducking’s  swimming along eating bugs

cute little duckling's, swam right past me, chasing bugs, ignoring their parents frantic calls


Baby Paradise duckling close up photo

so cute


Three male Oystercatchers perform a mating dance to entice a mate

oystercatcher spring mating dance


Oystercatcher in flight

glowing eyes


Mataura River willow trees

nice day


wind swept lake



Plant life grows prolifically in New Zealand, where trees in some places are covered with an assortment of ferns, foliage and lichens

prolific foliage


New Zealand fern trees

fern forest


submerged underwater trout stream foliage

underwater foliage


Thunder Creek waterfall New Zealand south island

Thunder Creek


Beautiful New Zealand valley view

valley view


view from the grocery store parking lot in Queenstown New Zealand

mountain view


Aerial airplane view of Lake Wakatipu departing Queenstown New Zealand

Departing Queenstown - Lake Wakatipu

It was a fun trip!


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