Fly Fishing "Where Angels Sing" - November 2006


almost sunset in beautiful upstate New York farming country

A glorious morning and birds take to wing


A gorgeous and rather large brown trout photographed next to my favorite fishing rod and reel, a Chris Carlin bamboo rod and Hardy Angel reel

Where clouds begin parting and Angels often sing


A beautiful rainbow trout

Where fly rods flex and reels sing with lines tight


A magnificently colored steelhead rainbow trout

Where rainbows can be touched and radiate light


Gorgeous female brown trout photographed prior to release

And bamboo dances with graceful delight


Graham with a nice brown trout

Where smiles on faces beam naturally bright


A big fat male brown trout

And majestic trout excitedly fight



One of my favorite trout streams

With sun overhead powerful and bright


nice little brownie

Nothing loses sight


Graham and his fish posing for a photograph

Including the fly fisher


bright brown trout being released

And the fish we fight



Another brown trout photographed as it is being released

All fish are released


brown trout being released

So their day will not end


Will with a huge monster brown trout, what a beast!!!

To return next year larger to play with a friend


A feisty rainbow trout

Both rainbows


Graham with a sizable male brown trout, photographed in nice late afternoon light

And browns


Simply gorgeous!

Stunning and dazzling like royal jeweled crowns


Fred with a monster steelhead rainbow trout

Will swiftly evaporate potential for frowns


Close up view of Freds giant rainbow trout, before it was released

Experiences on stream are worth more than gold


Fly fishing and photography are a fun combination, especially with beautiful scenery and trout

Deeply strengthening body and soul


Sunset over upstate New York countryside

Sunset appears, and power lines remind me, I haven't gone to heaven, I'm alive as I'll ever be


By Graham Owen - Likely my one and only attempt at poetry...

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