Fly Fishing Kanektok River Alaska


June 2022

Google Maps Alaska

My first trip to Alaska, Seattle to Anchorage to Bethel to Quinhagak


Grant Aviation Cessna Gran Caravan in Bethel Alaska

Flight From Bethel To Quinhagak

Aerial view of the Kanektock River

First glimpse of the Kanektok River below


The crew of fly fishermen excited to start an amazing week of fly fishing

Getting excited


boats ready to take us 18 miles up river to base camp

Base Camp is 18 miles upriver


geared up for the elements

geared up for the elements


Guides tying flies inside the main tent

Tying different flies for different species


Brad and Tom Duncan and Crew

I was asked to explain, how my creative realistic fly tying, turned into a midlife career change


hearty prime rib dinner

We ate well, breakfast, lunch and dinner


sleeping tents at camp

Campsite sleeping tents


story sky appears threatening

Hopefully the sky will clear tomorrow


rainblow trout catch and release

Good start, nice little rainbow trout


rainbow trout underwater fly fishing photography

Magnificent fish!


Graham Owen fly fishing Alaska

Dime bright Sockeye


bright chrome sockeye salmon

Chrome Sockeye Salmon


clear skiy

Finally, sunshine for days!


sockeye salmon

Countless sockeyes on the march upriver, swimming past all day long


Chum Salmon underwater photo

Chum Salmon beginning change from chrome to spawning colors


Chum Salmon

Chum Salmon and T shirt weather


Fly fishing for Sockeye Salmon in Alaska

Endless Sockeye action, salmon are fun sport using 8wt fly rods


River Guests sticker inside the boat

Grateful to be a Guest on This River


Nice Grayling fish

Nice Grayling


Beautiful Grayling fin

Pretty fin


Agresssive fish - Grayling

Caught many aggressive little Grayling


Jim Teeny and Graham Owen

Fast action fishing, all catch and release


Jim Teeny and Graham Owen fly fishing Alaska

Great friend Jim Teeny, another great day!


Dave Duncan and Sons campsite

Back to camp for dinner, where the sunsets for only an hour in June


big bear tracks

Bear tracks, larger then my size 12 1/2 boots


Caribou rack on the tundra

Caribou antlers and wildflowers on the tundra


Fly fishing Guide Tate Petersen

Fly Fishing Guide Tate Petersen


Steve Fisherfounder of Urban Angler New York City

Steve Fisher founder of Urban Angler NYC with a slippery fish


Graham Owen and Guide Robb Herrington

Having Fun with Guide Robb Herrington


Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon


Graham with another nice Sockeye Salmon



beautiful Leopard Rainbow Trout

Beautiful Leopard spotted Rainbow Trout


Mousing for Rainbow Trout

Mousing for Rainbows is the most fun


Rainbow Trout up close

Bright little gems fight hard too


Jim Teeny with a King Salmon

Jim Teeny with a nice King


Jim Teeny and Graham Owen

Jim Teeny and Graham Owen friends for decades


Jim Teeny and Cutler Duncan

Cutler and Jimmy friends for decades


Cutler Duncan 3rd generation Duncan guide

Small Jack King Salmon with Cutler Duncan 3rd generation Duncan guide
quick catch and release on my sturdy 10wt fly rod


Large King Salmon

King Salmon fight hard!


Grant Air Cessna Grand Caravan

What a fantastic week!


Cessna cockpit

Fun flight


Kanektok River aerial view

Kanektok River - The Chosen River


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