Miscellaneous Nature Photography


Thunder Storm Cloud

Thunderstorm Cloud


Pyrocumulus cloud over Southern California

Pyrocumulus Cloud - August 2009


Young sierra deer licking its nose

Deer Lick


Canada Goose portrait

Sunset Portrait


macro aspen leaf

Sierra Aspen Leaves


macro leaf veins red and gree

Changing to fall colors


Green Leaves

Lush foliage


Stream flowing though the woods

A fresh cool stream flowing though the wilderness


A happy school of brook trout

A nice school of brook trout

A pretty little rainbow trout, underwater photography

A pretty little rainbow trout

Pumkinseed Bluegill

Pumkinseed Bluegill


Female deer in the Adirondack mountains

Deer in the Adirondack mountains


Great White Egret

My first bird photograph, taken with a macro lens while shooting dragonflies



Grebe admiring its reflection - More Bird Photography


Another pretty western New York dragonfly



dragonfly posing

A pretty bug


Birds of Paradise flowers

Birds of Paradise


California Kelp

California Kelp


California Poppies

California Poppies - More Poppy Photos


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