Tupper Lake - New York Adirondacks -2008


Tupper Lake in the New York Adirondack mountains

Swampy bay on the east side of Tupper Lake


Bog River waterfall at the south end of Tupper Lake

Bog River flowing into the south end of Tupper Lake


pretty Adirondack stream

Cool Stream


A family of Canada Geese enjoying a morning swim

There was wildlife everywhere


A Cedar Waxwing chirping hello

Pretty little Cedar Waxwing


This dragonfly crawled up out of the lake and it drying its wings before making its first flight

Freshly emerged dragonfly preparing for its first flight


A pair of Tree Swallows, with a dragonfly

Pair of swallows, with a different dragonfly


A swallow swallowing a gift

Apparently there was enough to share


Pretty daisy

Wildflowers were blooming


A bunch of wild white Daisies

Wild Daisies


raindrops on Musk Mallow wild flower petals

Raindrops on Musk Mallow wildflowers


Lupine macro



Macro photo of a bumble bee enjoying lupine nectar

Bumble Bee on Lupine


The West branch of the Ausable River, a fine place to fly fish

West branch of the Ausable River, a fine place to fly fish


Black and White photo of tree foliage

Foliage was amazingly green and lush


Beautiful Adirondack Lake

Beautiful Day


A good spot to fly fish for bass at the north end of Tupper lake

Puffy Clouds


One of the small bays located at the south end of Tupper Lake

About to rain


layer of water close up

Layers of Water


Adirondack waterfall



Bog River water falls flowing into Tupper Lake New York.  The Adirondack Sate Park is an amazing place to visit and enjoy

Bog River Waterfall


Adirondack New York wild flowers

Clearing Storm


sunset at Tupper Lake New York Adirondack's

So Peaceful


Bog River entering Tupper Lake at dusk

Bog River flowing into Tupper Lake at dusk


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