Upstate New York Photography - July 2011

Once again my summer trip to New York did not disappoint, although the extreme heat wave was not conducive to being outdoors all day, and it seemed as if the wildlife was staying hidden in the shade as well.

Most of this year's trip was spent with family, although I did manage to venture out with my camera in hand…

beautiful goldfinch and dragonfly

Goldfinch Dragonfly


Fly Catcher Eastern Phoebe

Fly Catcher


Bee fly

Sipping Nectar


Fire Beetle

Fiery Beetle


Beautiful monarch butterfly wings

Gorgeous Monarch


pretty pink wildflower

Pink Beauty


grasshopper on a butterfly replica

Wing Hopper


wild bumblebee checking out a fake butterfly



Tupper Lake Adirnodack New York sunset

so tranquil


fiery red sunset

fiery sunset


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