Upstate New York Photography - July 2010


Once again, I had a fantastic upstate New York family summer vacation. I spent five nights in Point Breeze in western New York and five nights at Tupper Lake in the Adirondack Mountains. I enjoyed a leisurely drive into the Adirondacks and exited the Throughway to head north at Rome, and this year, a welcomed surprise was seeing fields of radiant sunflowers. Of course, I had to pull over for a few minutes to take their pictures, and wondered how nice it must look at sunrise and sunset.

Scenery, wildlife and fly fishing were great in both locations, north and south, and it was fun trying to balance time with family, friends, fishing and photography. Hex mayflies were hatching at Tupper Lake, making the fishing relatively easy, including bass and bluegills on dry flies. I fished Oatka Creek and Spring Creek in western NY and the Ausable River in the Adirondacks with my friend Luke. It was a great trip!

Tupper Lake Adirondack sunset in front of the Red Top Inn

Adirondack Sunset


Adirondack sky reflection

Beautiful Day


Assorted Adirondack wildflowers overlook a beautiful scene

Scenic Overlook


Black-Eyed Susan wildflower close up

Adirondack Wildflowers


happy dragonfly

Dancing Dragonfly


Halloween Pennant dragonfly

Halloween Pennant Dragonfly


Swallow-Tail butterfly on Queen Anne's Lace

Swallow-Tail butterfly on Queen Anne's Lace


Beautiful Swallowtail butterfly

Sipping Nectar


Yellow Warbler catching insects

Pretty Yellow Warbler


Green Heron seen close up while fishing

Green Heron Fishing


Green Heron with a small fish in its bill

Green Heron with a small Catch


Lucas Carroll fly fishing the New York Ausable River

My friend Luke fly fishing the Ausable River


New York Brown Trout

New York has Fantastic Fly Fishing


macro close up photo of a beautiful wild brown trout

Wild Brown Trout


gorgeous brown trout photographed underwater in Oatka Creek NY

Afternoon Delight


Beautiful brown trout being released

Moments before darting away


Over under fly fishing photography releasing a nice brown trout

We caught and released a lot of beautiful trout


Brown trout underwater photo

Gorgeous Brown Trout


brown trout underwater

Glowing Fins


Beautiful little brown trout face macro close up photography

Mug Shot


Fly fishing for bass at Tupper Lake

Fly Fishing Tupper Lake


Adirondack sunset fly fishing on the Red Top Inn docks at Tupper Lake New York

End of a Great Day


motor boat cruising at sunset

Pretty Sunset


Purple Adirondack wildflowers at sunset

Hillside Wildflowers


Purple Pickerelweed Flowers growing lakeside



Purple Pickerelweed close up

Purple Pickerelweed


Purple Thistle flowers



Deptford Pink wildflower

Depthford Pink Wildflower


pretty little moth

Pretty Moth


metallic green and blue damselfly

Demoiselles Damselfly


Hexagenia Limbata mafly macro close up photo

Hexagenia Mayfly


Backlit moth guarding its wood pile

Wood Moth


Wood Moth with backlit wings

Sunset Wings


Cute little Chipmunk

Cute little Chipmunk


Curious Chipmunk close up photo



Birch Trees in black and white



Lily Pads black and white photo

Lily Pads


sunset sky reflection



thundercloud with beams of sunlight

Interesting Thundercloud


filed of hay bales under stormy skies

Stormy Sky


old barn with sunburst thunder clouds

Old Barn


playing with remote flash at dusk at Tupper Lake New York

Playing with Light


Sunflower Field Rome New York



field of sunflowers audience to the sun

Audience of the Sun


field of sunflowers near Rome New York

Bowing to Clouds


summertime sunset July 2010 Tupper Lake

Midsummer Sunset


Adirondack Sunburst



Point Breeze New York

Sunrise view from my rental cottage at Point Breeze


View Across Oak Orchard River Point Breeze New York

Looking Across the River


Aerial view of Point Breeze and Oak Orchard River New York

Aerial View - Oak Orchard River & Point Breeze


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