Ingo Maurer - Graham Owen - Butterfly Lamps - Page 2

Collaboration with Ingo Maurer - Based in Munich Germany

Modern Magazine Spring 2017 cover - Ingo Maurer Flatterby lamp

Flatterby lamp on cover of Modern Magazine


Ingo and my insects on the cover of DAMn Magazine

Ingo with my insects on the cover of DAMn Magazine



Munich Germany - The Design Museum - November 2019

"Ingo Maurer intimate. Design or what?" - Exhibition opens


Pinakothek der Moderne - The Design Museum Munich Germany

The Design Museum - Pinakothek der Moderne - Munich Germany


"Ingo Maurer intim. Design or what?" opening evening invitation

opening night invitation


Graham, Conrad and Isagani Vengco, Ingo Maurer design engineers

enjoying time with friends! Conrad and Isagani, both Ingo Maurer senior lighting designers


Dr. Xenia Riemann Museum Curator speaking

Museum Curator - exhibition opening night speech


pre-opening night special private viewing

special private viewing, before opening night event...


Dr. Xenia Riermann-Tyroller Curator The Design Museum Munich

proudly presenting a butterfly to Design Museum Curator Dr. Xenia Riemann-Tyroller

a variety of Ingo Maurer lamps including JB Schmetterling with my butterflies and dragonflies


Ron Arad and Sangdoo Shin inside The Design Museum Munich Germany

Designer Ron Arad and Sangdoo Shin - both Ingo Maurer collaborators

Ingo Maurer lighting

small assortment of beautiful Ingo Maurer lighting


Five Butterflies lamp on display

happy to see my butterflies on display - Five Butterflies lamp


Fly lamp

I Ricchi Poveri Fly - one of my horseflies


green sea sponges with artificial insects Biotope models

scale model of my first collaboration with Ingo - the Biotope - sea sponges with my insects


Graham Owen with insect art in Munich Design Museum

butterflies, dragonflies and beetles


Ingo Maurer website page mentioning Graham Owen artist insect maker

web page copy - courtesy



New York City Design Week - May 10-22 2019

New Yok City Manhattan spring 2019 foliage view

I love New York - spring 2019


Graham Owen butterflies on an Ingo Maurer lamp in the Moroso storefront

proud to see my butterflies in the MOROSO storefront window


Ingo Maurer Flatterby lamp in Moroso front window display

front window display - Ingo Maurer "Flatterby" lamp


Moroso NYC Ingo Maurer butterfly lamp

beautiful light


Ingo Maurer Bulb Fly special edition lamp

Ingo Maurer "Fly" Bulb lamp inside Ingo's SOHO showroom

lucky timing, I happened to be here when this lamp,
number 12, of 12 made, was purchased by a gentleman from Chile


Ingo Maurer 2019 showroom closing party

Ingo Maurer SOHO showroom, busy with Ingo here...


Ingo Maurer NYC showrrom closing May 2019

NYC showroom closing May 2019 - Munich showroom as beautiful as ever...



Tsinandali Estate Georgia - Radisson Collection

Ingo Maurer interior design and lighting


Tsinandali Radisson collection hotel

a magic place with a very warm and unique atmosphere


Tsinandali art and lighting design on display

a resort of high standard


Ingo Maurer Graham Owen Tsinandali collaboration

crossvault room


three butterfly lamps

illuminating a five-star hotel in Kachetia Georgia


Ingo Maurer lighting with Graham Owen insect art

1 of 3 giant bulbs with my butterflies, insects and salamanders


Graham Owen butterfly art viewed from below

butterflies dreaming


illuminated butterflies



Ingo Maurer lamp adorned with Graham Owen butterflies

Ingo Maurer giant bulb - Butterflies Dreaming



Christies - London - Design Sale - October 2018

Christies London Design sale Ingo Maurer butterfly lamp

Sold for 25,000 British Pounds, approximately $35,000


Christies London Design sale information

Design Week - New York City - May 2018


New York City X Design Week 2018

NYC X Design May 11-23


Ingo Maurer NYC showroom exterior

Ingo Maurer NYC showroom entrance


boy admiring bugs

my insects wont tickle, sting or bite


Dancing Insects Ingo Maurer lamp

elegant swarm


Graham Owen smiling :) 2018

happy seeing my art on display


Five Butterflies lamp

Five Butterflies


Fly lamp



Limites Edition Ingo Maurer Bulb Fly



Flatterby lamp




NYC - Cooper Hewitt - Smithsonian Design Museum

Saturated: The Allure and Science of Color - May 11 2018 - January 13 2019


Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum

5th Ave at 91st Street, NYC


Cooper Hewitt Design Museum exterior

Founded in 1897, Cooper Hewitt is the only museum in the United States devoted exclusively to historic and contemporary design. Housed in the renovated and restored Carnegie Mansion, Cooper Hewitt showcases one of the most diverse and comprehensive collections of design works in existence.


Cooper Hewitt Saturated graphics



color brings order and excitement to our visual world


JB Scmetterling on display inside the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum

Ingo Maurer JB Schmetterling lamp on display


J.B. Schmetterling information


Many mesmerizing designs make use of eye-popping optical effects that play with perception and illusion. Both the shimmering whorls of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s Peacock vase, ca. 1901 and the brightly winged insects in flight around Ingo Maurer’s hanging lamp J.B. Schmetterling (Butterfly), 2011, dazzle the viewer through the color-shifting property of iridescence.



Graham Owen with his insects in the Cooper Hewitt

proud seeing my insects on display in the Smithsonian National Design Museum


Cooper Hewitt thank you letter

link to Cooper Hewitt web site Saturated show information



Design Week - Milan Italy - April 2018

attendees from
188 countries


exhibitors from
33 countries

650 young designers
from 35 countries


Design Week Milan Italy 2018

Ingo Maurer "Flatterby" lamp - Circolo Filologico - Milan Italy


Ingo Maurer Dancing Insects lamp at Circolo Filologico

Graham Owen insects


Marco and Laura taking photos

Dancing Insects


Graham Owen artist in Milan

feeling proud seeing my art on display


Ingo Maurer and Graham Owen Milan 2018

Ingo Maurer and Graham Owen


Work in Progress- white insects

new Work in Progress


White Butterflies and dragonflies

colorless butterflies, moths, dragonflies and damselflies


Ingo Maurer catalog

Ingo autographed my catalog :)


Ingo Maurer catlalog JB Butterfly and Flatterby lamps

Johnny B. Butterfly and Flatterby


Dancing Insects Ingo Mauer Graham Owen

saturated with color


yellow butterfly close up

glowing with iridescent color - handmade - with pride


Sangdoo Shin and Graham Owen friends

good to see my dear friend Sangdoo Shin, CEO of Light and Shade, Seoul S Korea


Graham, Laura, Marco, Lara and Salvatore having fun in Milan

having fun with friends in Milan


Milan Italy

Milan is such a beautiful city



New York City - Design Week - May 2017

Ingo Maurer SOHO NYC Showroom 2017

Ingo Maurer SOHO showroom front window


Ingo Maurer "Bulb Limited Fly" 12 pieces

"Bulb limited Fly" 12 pieces - "Bulb limited Heart" 88 pieces - "Bulb" original 1966 design


Graham Owen holding a handful of realistic houseflies next to Ingo Maurer "Bulb Limited"

Feeling incredibly proud to see my flies on Ingo's 50th anniversary "Bulb limited Fly"


Ingo Maurer and Graham Owen enjoying an afternoon in New York City

fun with my dear friend Ingo


Graham Owen butterfly on Ingo Maurer

delightfully happy


Rainbow colored butterfly a gift from Graham to Ingo

my gift for Ingo - a hand made rainbow butterfly


inside the Butterfly Pavilion at the Natural History Museum in New York City

enjoying a wonderful afternoon in the living Butterfly Pavilion at the American Museum of Natural History


buttefly on Graham's fingers

gorgeous butterfly lands on my fingers - I feel blessed - this years trip to NYC was incredibly special !




Design Week - Milan Italy - April 2017

Ingo Maurer Limited Edition Bulb with Graham Owen houseflies

Ingo and Graham with Ingo Maurer 50th anniversary lamp "Bulb limited Fly"


Ingo Maurer limited edition 50th anniversary Bulb 12 of which embellished with Graham Owen flies

12 of 200 limited edition bulbs are embellished with my flies


the most beautiful light comes from a human heart

the most beautiful light comes from a human heart....


Ingo Maurer Flatterby lamp on display in Milan Italy Rho Fiera

Ingo Maurer "Flatterby" lamp with Graham Owen insects


Sangdoo Shin Korean designer with Graham Owen at Bar Duomo Milan Italy

Enjoying time with a dear friend, Sangdoo Shin, - Korean lighting designer and Ingo Maurer distributor
(October 2015, I visited Korea with my son, and Sangdoo made our trip amazingly special)


Graham Owen, Yoshiji Baba, Takahiko Kojima, President Studio NOI,  Masako Ito Studio NOI

Fun evening with friends and VIP's from Japan


Ingo Maurer black tote bag Rho Fiera Milan Italy

Fly on the Bulb


boat ride photo at Como Lake Italy a beautiful place to visit

Fun day at Como Lake, Lombardy, Italy


Milan Cathedral Duomo di Milano

Milan Cathedral - Duomo di Milano



Design Week - New York City - May 2016

New York City X Design Week 2016

NYC X Design


Graham Owen SoHo NYC 2016 Ingo Maurer showroom with Flatterby lamp in fron window

Flatterby lamp in front window - Ingo Maurer SoHo Manhattan showroom


Flatterby insects hand made by Graham Owen

Flatterby insects - each hand made with love


Graham with Flatterby butterflies

having fun in NYC


Ingo Maurer NYC SoHo showroon interior

Ingo's SoHo showroom


2016 inside Ingo Maurer NYC showroom

beautiful lights


Downstairs inside Ingo Maurer NYC showroom



Graham Owen and Ingo Maurer 2016 NYC X Design SoHo

Ingo Maurer & Graham Owen - NYC X Design SoHo


close up detailed view of small white butterflies hand made for Ingo's 5 Butterflies lamp

Five Butterflies - close up detail


5 Butterflies Table lamp

Five Butterflies lamp - original prototype


5 Butterflies lamp prototype base signed by Ingo Maurer

priceless gift - 5 Butterflies prototype lamp - first displayed in Milan 2014 - a gift from Ingo - who signed the base

"Graham you extended my creativity - Ingo Maurer"


Design Week - Milan Italy - April 2016

Ingo Maurer Flatterby butterfly lamp

introducing Ingo Maurer's latest butterfly lamp "Flatterby"


JB Schmetterling and Flatterby lamps by Ingo Maurer

my fingers will be busy - producing more beautiful butterflies


San Paolo Converso Milan Design Week 2016

Milan Design Week 2016 - Ingo Maurer @ San Paolo Converso


San Paolo Converso interior with Ingo Maurer lighting installation

magnificent San Paolo Converso interior - where my butterflies love to fly


Ingo Maurer party inside San Paolo Converso Milan design week 2016

Milan Design Week opening party


Beautiful Ingo Maurer lamp inside San Paolo Converso

late afternoon sunlight through windows creates a magical painterly effect


Graham Owen and Ingo Maurer

Graham Owen and Ingo Maurer


Moritz Waldermeye and Graham Owen Milan Design Week 2016

My amazing friend - world renowned artist and designer Moritz Waldemeyer - Ingo Maurer collaborator


Graham Owen with Sangdoo Shin CEO Light and Shade S Korea

Enjoying time with Sangdoo Shin


Ingo Maurer Fly lamp

I Ricchi Poveri - Fly - in Milan



Design Week - Milan Italy - April 2015

5 Butterflies lamp in Milan

Ingo Maurer lamp - Five Butterflies - limited production of 200


detailed close up view of Graham Owen butterfly art

close up view - each butterfly is handmade and unique


I Ricchi Poveri Fly

I Ricchi Poveri - Fly - limited production of 100

A small insect sits in repose, comforted by the glowing light of a solitary bulb set aside or possibly forgotten - this is the image of the Ingo Maurer Fly LED Table Lamp. The Fly is a sculptural still life that mimics both life and light, capturing a fleeting moment in the presence of artificially created incandescence. Not only artful and thought-provoking, the Fly cleverly disguises an innovative LED module within the confines of a familiar shape, forming a truly enigmatic source of ambient light. For more than 40 years Ingo Maurer has created somewhat irreverent and thought-provoking designs in a method that is more exo-modern than contemporary. These experimentalist collections enliven fashion runways, monuments and private homes, giving Ingo Maurer lighting a name that resounds in the minds of the design-forward.



Ingo Maurer Butterfly Lamps

available for purchase at fine stores globally



Ingo MaurerJohnny B. Butterfly lamp

Johnny B. Butterfly


Ingo Maurer J.B. Schmetterling limited edition light fixture

J.B. Schmetterling (German for butterfly) limited production of 200 - All SOLD OUT

These gorgeous light fixtures illuminate some of the most beautiful rooms and suites around the world


Green dragonfly and White glider butterfly close up the Johnny B. Butterfly light fixture

Close Up Detail

Insects on the JB Butterfly, JB Dragonfly and JB Schmetterling light fixtures are made exclusively for Ingo Maurer, each individually handmade, colored with exquisite pigments from Kremer Pigmente in Munich Germany. No molds are used in their construction; each insect is an individual work of art, created to be beautiful, life-like, durable, and light as a feather.


Graham Owen in Munich Germany showroom

Graham Owen - JB Schmetterling - Ingo Maurer studio - Munich Germany April 2012



"Material Worlds", Sotheby's at Sudeley Castle

, July 28th - September 30th 2011, London England


Ingo Maurer butterfly lamps on display in sudeley Castle England

Ingo Maurer LED Table and Ingo Maurer J.B. Schmetterling lights


Close up photo of Grhama Owen butterflies on Ingo Maurer lighting designs - photo courtesy of Sotheby's

Photos courtesy of Sotheby's


Sotheby's Material Worlds





Ingo Maurer, Designer Known as a Poet of Light, Dies at 87

Ingo Maurer 1932 - 2019

I have always felt honored to collaborate and work with Ingo Maurer, and know him as a dear friend and mentor.

Ingo's genius for beauty and class will be missed in a world that seems to be increasingly focused on utilitarian ideals of conformity.


Ingo Maurer Thomas Edison dates corespond


Death of Ingo Maurer November 2019

Invitation to Ingo's memorial at Residenz Theater Munich Germany


Residenze Theater courtyard Munich Germany

Residenze Theater


Ingo Maurer Residenze Theater installation and memorial service

The Munich Residenz Theater commissioned Ingo Maurer's "Silver Cloud" for a room that is used as a cafe,
visible from Max-Joseph-Platz, completed on 18 October 2019.


more than 600 people in attendance

more than 600 people in attendance


Ingo Memorial service

Ingo memorial center stage


Memorial service list of speakers and music

list of speakers and music

friends together inside Residenzetheater cafe

friends from around the world - celebrating the wonderful life of Ingo Maurer



Ingo Maurer Showroom - Munich Germany November 2019



Ingo's green jacket and red shoes

Ingo's signature red shoes - memorial in his showroom


Ingo's green jacket inside showroom

beautiful lighting


Dome and other Ingo Maurer lighting designs in showroom

assortment of Ingo lighting designs and products


table with many legs and Flatterby butterfly lamp



Flatterby butterfly lamp

lovely butterfly lamps


Ingo Maurer giant insect lamp with Graham Owen in Munich showroom

delightful whimsical light


extra large insect lamp

giant bulb with an assortment of insects


downstairs lighting inside Ingo Maurer showroom

one of the rooms downstairs


Ingo Showroom guest book and JB Butterfly lamps

showroom guest book - pair of JB Butterfly lamps :)


In the News

Bloomberg Businessweek - April 19, 2011

Beautiful in its simplicity, an Ingo Maurer lamp -- essentially an oversize bare light bulb -- was circled by its own handmade "bugs," each a work of art in its own right: butterflies, moths, dragon flies. One can't help but wonder how the real things would react to the colorful decoys. The piece is called "JB Schmetterling," German for butterfly.

New York Times - April 24, 2011

At Ingo Maurer's stand at Euroluce, the furniture fair's biennial lighting show, J.B. Schmetterling, a hanging light bulb ringed with handmade butterflies, moths, and dragonflies (schmetterling is German for butterfly), exemplified the designer's ability to fuse technology and poetry.

The Globe and Mail - Canada - April 23, 2011

The movie industry has the Cannes Film Festival and TIFF, fashion has the Paris and New York shows and design has the Salone Internazionale del Mobile (a.k.a. the Milan Furniture Fair). From all four corners of the globe, some 300,000 buyers, dealers, agents and designers descend on the northern Italian city each spring to see what's new, to be inspired and to buy...

German lighting designer Ingo Maurer even launched an LED wallpaper that can be affixed directly to the wall. In contrast to all this high-tech achievement, however, hand craftsmanship continues to be marketed as the ultimate luxury. Ingo Maurer's J.B. Schmetterling (Johnny B. Butterfly) is a bulb around which life-like "butterflies" flutter; Biotope, a sculptural lighting made from ecologically harvested natural sea sponge, comes complete with its own "eco-system" of (faux) insects.


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