Graham Owen - Artistic Butterfly Replicas


Each of my butterfly replicas is meticulously handmade, with innovative materials, bodies are bendable, legs and antennas are durable, wings are tear proof and layers of colored precious pigments bring them to life. Each is a unique creation, no molds are used.

Its signature detail is the bird feather along the top of the body, secured with synthetic spider-web thread, to help shape the body, add fine detail and texture, as well as evoke a sense of a butterfly's gentle nature, striking colors and graceful flight.


butterfly art display

Feeling Creative


Swallowtail butterfly photographed with a dragonfly, bee and housefly, each hand made insect art

Insect Art


Rainbow colored butterflies

rainbows in flight


butterfly body adorned with chicken feather from a hen who died, this was her last egg

gift for a friend
feather on butterfly body and last egg laid by a loved hen


glowing transparent butterfly wings look like stained glass

glowing wings


artificial White Glider butterflies

White Glider butterfly replicas


detailed White Glider butterfly replica close up photo

close up view - each handmade - shaped and assembled with fine thread

three rare and beautiful spotted Rihanna butterflies

rare and beautiful Spotted Rihanna butterflies


The 88 Butterflies

tiny 88 butterflies


fake detailed red and black butterflies and a California poppy

spring delight


Monarch Butterfly replicas in flight



Pair of fake replica Monarch Butterflies photographed with California wildflowers

Monarch butterfly replicas


monarch butterflies hand made detailed replicas

artificial Monarchs

Blue morpho butterfly replicas photographed on a beautiful fern

Blue Morpho butterflies


Amazingly detailed Blue Morpho butterflies mating in air

Dancing in Air - butterfly position


Beautiful iridescent blue butterfly model replicas

beautiful artificial butterflies


Realistic Rice Paper butterflies backlit in flight

Rice Paper butterflies


Tiger Swallowtail butterfly replicas with a gold bishops cross

Golden Wings - Tiger Swallowtail butterflies - hand painted tear-proof wings


Maddie the Coonhound- Maddie On Things with a butterfly reproduction

Maddie the Coonhound - photo by Theron Humphrey


Black cherub butterfly replica

Iridescent Wings


Pearl Morpho replica macro detail photography

Iridescent Pearl Morpho


Pearl Morpho butterfly replica wings

Night Flight


Johhny B Butterfly shadowplay

Shadow play


Black Swallowtail butterfly replicas

Black Swallowtails


yellow and orange butterfly with glowing wings

glowing wings


Vibrant orange and pink butterfly replicas

vibrant colors - orange and pink butterfly replicas


Realistic Maple Spanworm moth

White Moth



Pair of blue butterfly models in flight

Blue Morpho's


Yellow Buttercup butterfly replica model in flight, suspended with thin wire



Graham Owen butterfly display in his home bookshelf

Chaotic Inventory - my home bookshelf butterfly display - click here for larger image


Ingo Maurer JB Schmetterling butterfly lamps

Ingo Maurer "JB Schmetterling" butterfly lamps - in my display cabinet


Ingo Maurer Johnny B Butterfly lamps between my kitchen and living room

butterflies and dragonflies illuminating my living room


Realistic moths invading some of my fly tying feathers

Some of the "fly tying" feathers incorporated into my insect art

moths made for the Adam Sandler film Grown Ups


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