California Poppies

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March 28 2009

A gorgeous field of California Poppies in full bloom

Field of California Poppies in bloom


California Poppies, and a cone shaped sepal sheath, covering an un-opened poppy

Time for a closer look


perfect poppy

California Poppy


Bright yellow Poppy, it was amazingly beautiful

Several blonds livened up the field


closer examination of a yellow poppies curves

So soft and delicate


The only peach colored poppy I found, and it was a beauty

Such a Beautiful Wildflower


photographing wild flowers

Nice vertical as well as horizontal


one of my favorite shots

Sweet petals


This poppy broke its sheath and opened before my eyes

Sepals parted seconds ago and this poppy blossoms for the very first time


macro photo close up view of poppy petals

Warm and delicate


poppy petal tips

Soft and edgy


soft and supple petals

Getting Close


ready to polinate

Ready to pollinate


Birds Eye wildflowers mixed in with the poppies

Birds Eyes also livened up the field


Birds Eye native California wildflower

Birds Eyes


close up view of a Birds Eye blossom

Looking down


close up view of Birds Eye blossoms

Looking up


macro view of Birds Eyes

Very attractive


fresh young Lupine growing erect

Young Lupine growing up


California Poppy and Lupine, a sweet combination

lupine and poppies


lupine and poppy blossom

Poppy and lupine


Six second exposure, taken moments after sunset, nice clouds, and no wind were greatly appreciated


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