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gold line

Stormy Sunset Tupper Lake New York Adirondacks

Stormy Sunset


Fall foliage sunrise reflection seen from my rental cottage front deck

Fall Foliage Reflection


Boat Dock and fall foliage sunrise reflection

Boathouse Reflection


Oak Orchard River, Upstate New York

Fall River View


Day one, the clouds part, and a rainbow emerges

Autumn Rainbow


Dawn light at Tupper Lake in the New York Adirondack mountians

Dawn, Tupper Lake New York


Bog River waterfalls, New York Adirondacks

Cool Stream, New York Adirondacks


Adirondack stream

Pretty Stream



Ausable Chasm


Adirondack Lake

Seventh Lake


Simon Pond clouds reflection

Adirondack Sky


Purple Adirondack wildflowers at sunset

Hillside Wildflowers


Adirondack sunset, Tupper Lake New York

Breezy Sunset


Tupper Lake Adirondack sunset

Adirondack Sunset


Tupper Lake Adirondack sunset in front of the Red Top Inn

Another Adirondack Sunset


Tupper Lake sunset

Beautiful Sky


Adirondack sunset over Tupper Lake



Sunflower Field Rome New York



field of sunflowers audience to the sun

Audience of the Sun


field of sunflowers near Rome New York

Bowing to Clouds


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