Munich Germany


December 11 - 17 2010

I spent a wonderful week visiting Munich, an amazingly beautiful city, and I'm glad I brought my camera, even though I knew I wouldn't be photographing nature or landscapes, in winter. The food was excellent, the people were friendly, and the city was energetic and vibrant.

I enjoyed the Christmas markets, museums, art studios, shopping, as well as visiting my friends Ingo Maurer and Isagani Vengco.

Munich christmas market

Bustling Christmas Market


Gorgeous Catholic church interior



original van gogh sunflowers

Original van Gogh Sunflowers - Munich's art galleries are amazing


Muncih subway station

Beautiful Subway Lighting


Ingo Maurer Marienplatz lighting

Lighting by Ingo Maurer


Graham and Isagani self portrait reflection photo

Reflection - with my friend Isagani


Ingo Maurer subway signage

Indoor Bird Photography


Flying birdie lamp

Close Fly By


red crows

Glowing Crows


Ingo Egg

Glowing Egg


beautiful designer lighting

Pretty Lights


golden light

Golden Light


Ingo Maurer Munich showroom entrance

Ingo Maurer showroom entrance


more lights inside the Ingo Maurer Munich showroom

Such a magical place to visit


Ingo Maurer heart shaped lights

Lovely Light


whimsical and beautiful lights

Beautiful and Whimsical


Japanese paper lamps

Paper Lamps


Audi design team visits Ingo Maurer

Ingo, Till and Matthias hosting a prominent design team


Audi designers having fun

Fascinating, with or without 3-D glasses


light panel

Bright & Elegant


Kaiserplatz apartment/hotel

I had a grand room at the Kaiserplatz hotel


Lufthansa A340-600 at Munich airport

Departing Munich just before the big snowstorm


My trip to Germany was awesome and inspiring, and I look forward to enjoying the Bavarian countryside, when it is green


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