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Black-necked Stilts, American Avocets and Avostilts migrating north along the sierra Nevada mountains april 2010

Black-necked Stilts and American Avocets - Eastern Sierra - California


Black-necked Stilt with long elegant legs

Black-necked Stilt


Black-necked stilt at sunset with a nice green reflection on the water

Pretty Bird


Los Angeles River Stilts

Lunch Break


Black-necked Stilts foraging along the L.A. River



Black-necked Stilt in flight over the Los Angeles River in Burbank California

Black-necked Stilt in flight, Burbank California


beautiful Stilt in flight at sunset

Sunset Flight


Black Necked Stilt flying in the Los Angeles River



pair of stilts feeding



stilt with long pretty pink legs

Nice Legs


pretty river stilrs at sunset

Pretty Pair


Black-Necked Stilt chicks

Black-Necked Stiltlets


Hungry little chicks

Hungry little chicks


cute little Black Necked Stilt chick

Brave Bird

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