Finches & Small Song Birds
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Scarlet Tanager

Scarlet Tanager


Scarlet Tanager side view

profile view


Pair of scarlet tanagers in a tree

Pair of pretty birds


Flock of Golfinches playing in a bare tree

The Choir is Singing - Goldfinches - Upstate New York


Male Lesser Goldfinch

Lesser Goldfinch


male goldfinch in flight

Male Lesser Goldfinch with colorful plumage


Male lesser Goldfinch in flight

Male Goldfinch flying between orange trees


male lesser goldfinch in flight, flying towards my camera



Female lesser Goldfinch in flight

Female lesser Goldfinch in flight


female American Lesser Goldfinch in flight

Beautiful female Lesser Goldfinch


Fast little goldfinch

Pretty little Goldfinch showing her wings


gorgeous female goldfinch shows off her wings

Dancing in Air


Goldfinch coming in for a landing

Ready to Land


American Goldfinch poses for the camera

Showing Off


Male lesser Goldfinch flying around in my backyard

Flying and Singing
One of my first bird photos - summer 2006


close up goldfinch portrait photo

Lesser Goldfinch


A pair of male lesser goldfinches fighting in mid air

Mid Air Antics


A beautiful red House Finch in flight

House Finch in flight, my backyard, Burbank, California


Tree Swallow - Notiochelidon cyanoleuca Swallow in flight

Tree Swallow in flight, Iroquois Nature Preserve, Western New York


Swallow reflection on Oak Orchard River New York

Barn Swallow skimming water for insects, Oak Orchard River, New York


Pretty little Cedar Waxwing perched

Pretty little Cedar Waxwing - New York Adirondacks


Cedar Waxwing on a branch scratching with its foot up

Itchy Waxwing


Pair of swallows in flight, one has a dragonfly in its bill

Pair of Tree Swallows in flight, one has a dragonfly


Tree Swallow feeding its mate a freshly caught dragonfly, in mid air

Tree Swallow feeding its mate a dragonfly


Red-winged Blackbird in flight

Red-winged Blackbird in Flight


Red Winged Blackbird in flight and about to land

Red-winged blackbird about to land

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