Bird Photography - Snowy Egrets
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Snowy Egret fishing on Malibu Beach

Snowy Egret Surf Fishing


Snowy Egret in the surf

Always Hungry


Snowy egret fluffing its feathers on the beach

Perhaps he saw a shark


Snowy Egret portrait



Snowy Egret in flight over Malibu Beach

Snowy Egret in flight, Malibu Beach


Snowy Egret concentating on finding a fish



Snowy Egret fluffing its feathers

Snowy Egret fluffing feathers


White Snowy Egret in flight with sunrise light under the wings

Snowy Egret Sunrise Flight


snowy Egret dinces on water while searching for fish

Snowy Egret Dancing on Water


Snowy Egret fishing

Water dimpled with fish


close up photo of a snowy egret grabing a fish out of water

Snack Time


Snowy Egret fishing in flight, dips its head underwater

There's a Fish


Snowy Egret dunking its head under water catching fish

Head Dunk



Snowy egret fishing

Snowy Fishing


Snowy Egret emerges with a tiny fish



Snowy Egret catches a fish

Small Catch


Snowy Egret



Group of Snowy Egrets pointing toward the fish

Guess which direction the fish are


Snowy Egret fluffing its feathers



Snowy Egret portrait in fall colors



Snowy Egret in flight over the Pacific Ocean

Snow is flying

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