Bird Photography - Pelicans

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American White Pelicans in flight at dawn

Dawn Flyover


Pelican about to land at sunrise

Sunrise Flight


Flock of White Pelicans circled overhead

Pelicans Soaring


American White Pelican landing on water at dawn

American White Pelican Landing


American White Pelicans posing for a photograph

White Pelicans Posing


Bird War - Egrets vs Pelicans

Fishing Frenzy


pelican leader of the flock

Leader of the Flock


White Pelican landing with wings spread wide

Splash Down


female white pelican close up photo

Pretty Girl


Gorgeous white pelican face

Proud Boy


Pair of white pelicans male and female

Happy Couple


Pelican landing with wings spread wide and beautiful feathers ruffling in the breeze

Flowing Feathers


Orange pelican feet in air

Cool Feet


Pelican landing with wings spread wide open and lit up with early morning light

Powerful Wings


Pair of beautiful American White Pelicans

American White Pelicans


Beautiful White Pelican preening feathers

Beautiful Pelican Preening


American White Pelican taking off with wings spread wide

Stretching his Wings


Beautiful pelican reflection

Beautiful Reflection


Pelican Bill Reflection

Pelican Bill Reflection


Two white pelicans flying overhead

Flying Overhead


closeup view of a pelican flying overhead low

Close Encounter


Flock of American White Pelicans fly over the San Fernando Valley in southern California

American White Pelicans Flying over the San Fernando Valley


American White Pelicans landing on a small Los Angeles lake

Pelicans Landing


Flock of Pelicans on patrol searching for fish

Pelicans searching for a school of fish


White Pelican with a sizable fish in its pouch

Look what I caught


Pelican swallows its fish with a big gulp



Pelican yawning



Three White Pelicans sunning themselves

Nice Day


Three white pelicans flying in tight formation

American White Pelicans in Flight


Three pelicans preening at sunset

Sunset Preening


Pair of beautiful white pelicans at sunset

Pretty pair of pelicans at sunset


Two White Pelicans fly away in sunset light

White Pelicans Flying Away


White Pelicans in flight at sunset

White Pelicans in flight


Small flock of American White Pelicans in sunset flight

Almost Sunset


Pelican in flight at sunrise

Waving Goodbye


Three American White Pelicans glowing orange in sunrise light

Pretty Picture


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California Brown Pelican flying overhead

Juvenile California Brown Pelican gliding along effortlessly


California Brown Pelican on the rocks in Malibu

California Brown Pelican, Malibu coast sunset


California Pacific Brown Pelicans gliding over the surf at sunset

Pacific Brown Pelicans Sunset Glide

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