Bird Photography - Great Egrets
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Kotuku a New Zealand White Egret in flight along the river Waitangiroto

New Zealand Egret


Three Great Egrets fishing and playing in sunrise mist

Egrets Playing in Sunrise Mist


Great Egret in sunset glow light

Sunset Glow


Great Egret with a fish

Nice Catch


close up shot of an egrets eye



Great Egret preening in a tree



Great Egret flyby

Fly Buy


flying close view over wngs

Eye Level


Beautiful day egret in flight

Beautiful Day


Pair of Egrets playing



Egrets in midair fight



Egret staredown

Stare Down


Elegant egret



Great Egret soaring



Beautiful Bird



Egret flying overhead



sunkissed egret

Sun Kissed





black and white egrets

Pecking Order





egret scratching



cloudy day



close up bird photography egret wing feather detail

Pretty Feathers


Great Egret in flight with fish in its bill



Great Egrets playing rough

Love Nip


Aggressive Great Egret

Egrets in Action


A pair of great egrets fighting in mid air

Playing Rough


Egrets and White Pelicans corner a school of fish and the frenzy begins

Egrets vs Pelicans


Beautiful Great Egret emerging from the water with a fish

Beautiful Egret fishing


Great egret playing in the water while admiring his reflection

Admiring His Reflection


Egret tossing a fish to swallow it down head first



Great Egret splashing water

Bath Time


beautiful egret flying above a southern California lake

Egret in Flight


great egret in flight close up photography

Lunch Time


Two white egrets wanting the same fish

Not Enough to Share


Pair of Egrets fighting over a fish

Egret drops its lunch for a larger intimidating bird


Great Egret with a fish

Time for a snack


Great Egret about to swallow a fish

He spears fish, tosses it up, and swallows it down


Great white egret close up image

Beautiful Egret


Beautiful Great Egret

Always Alert


White Egret focused on a fish

Focused on a Fish


Great Egret caught two fish at the same time, a talented bird!

Caught two fish simultaneously, a talented and lucky bird


Great Egret in Flight

Great Egret in Flight over the Los Angeles River


Elegant White Egret in flight

Soaring Higher


Great Egret sunset flight with nice light under the wings

Sunset Flight


Egret flying towards sunset

Flying home to roost


Great Egret flying over hills covered with California poppies

Spring Colors


Great Egret flyinh with fall color reflection upon the water

Fall Colors


close up Egret legs - artistic photography

Nice Legs in Nice Light

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