Bird Photography - Geese
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Skagit Valley Snow Geese in flight about to land

Snow Geese landing just before sunset


Beautiful Snow Geese

flying swimming and eating


paif of arctic Snow Geese in flight

beautiful couple


Snow Geese arive at Skagit Fir Island October 15 2017



Snow Geese appear commical at times

Snow Geese in flight


Canada Goose taking off with a nice blur of motion in its wings

Blast Off


Canada Geese and a pair of small birds enjoying a sunrise flight

Sunrise Flight


A flock of Canada Geese in a corn field

Corn for Breakfast


Canada Goose swimming towards the lens

Canada Goose Morning Swim


Canada Goose portrait with sunset reflection in its eye

Sunset Portrait


very close up view of a Canada Goose

Pretty Bird


Flock of Canada Geese in flight

Early morning flight


Canada geese flying in formation

Nice formation


A family of Canada geese enjoying a morning swim in upstate New York

Family of Canada Geese enjoying a morning swim


Geese playing in sunset light

Dancing in sunset light


pair of Canada Geese in flight

Pretty Pair


Ross Goose close up portrait

Ross Goose Portrait


Ross Goose in flight

Ross Goose in Flight


sleeping goose photo

Goose Down

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