Eastern Sierra Fall Colors

gold line

Autumn Aspens - September 26 2009

First light at dawn with alpen glow on sierra mountain tops

First Light


Sierra fall colors reflecting upon Virginia Lake

Dawn Reflection


High Sierra mountain alpenglow sunrise, upon Virginia Lake, with a mirror reflection of mountains and fall foliage

Eastern Sierra - Alpenglow Sunrise Reflection


beautiful grove of fall aspen trees kissed by the sun

Sun Kissed Aspens


Sierra bishop Creek fall foliage colors

Blazing Aspens


fiery colored aspen trees

Forest Afire


Orange aspen leaves

Beautiful Aspen


Fall Fly Fishing in the Sierra is wonderful 

Fall Fly Fishing


Underwater photo of wild Kokanee Salmon

Wild Kokanee Salmon


Kokanee Salmon swimming upstream underwater photo

Heading Upstream


Pair of kokanee salmon preparing to spawn

Preparing to Spawn


Rainbow trout

Rainbow Trout


hungry jumping rainbow trout

Jumping Rainbow Trout


pair of mergansers feasting on kokanee salmon and small trout



Young sierra deer licking its nose

Deer Lick


cold Sierra stream surrounded with fall colored foliage

Cold Stream


River of California Gold - blazing fall aspen reflection

Gold Stream


fall Sierra moon

Afternoon Moon


Sierra Mountains and bright fall colored aspens and pines

I Love the Sierra


quaking autumn aspens

Quaking Autumn Aspens


avalanche of orange autumn fall foliage flowing down a Sierra mountainside

Avalanche of Color 


spectacular California fall foliage colors, scenery and landscape

Vibrant as Poppies


glowing orange aspen leaf

Glowing Orange


Macro photo green aspen leaf

Glowing Green


Nice pair of leaves

Intimate View


backlit streamside aspen tress glowing in afternoon sunlight

Streamside View


multi colored aspen trees

Layers of Color


Amazingly beautiful grove of aspen trees in various stages of fall color development

Explosion of Color


Spectacular California Fall Foliage is beautiful and awe inspiring

California Fall Foliage


pastel colored aspen autumn leaves quaking with cool mountain breezes

Pastel Autumn Leaves


Close up view of red aspen leaves

Pretty Leaves


Row of aspen trees with beautiful colored leaves standing tall and proud

Pretty Trees


Cascading aspen leaves changing from green to yellow

Almost Prime


Aspen trees just past their prime fall coloring and starting to turn brown at the edges

Past Prime


yellow aspen leaves in late afternoon light, a lovely sight

Lovely Day


High Sierra Lake in Autumn Foliage Colors, an amazingly beautiful sight

Next time I'll stay for sunset

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