Bird Photography - Bald Eagles
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2024 Hood Canal bald eagles in flight

2024 Hood Canal Washington Bald Eagles in action


pair of bald eagles in flight with talons connected

holding hands


Bald Eagles if flight, young imature eagle threatening an adult with a white head and tail, talons drawn

Nice Talons


jevenile bald eagle flying towards my camera lens



Bald Eagle fishing with prey in its tallons

Bald Eagle with prey - catching fish


eagles flying with snowy mountain backdrop

Cold windy day


Imature bald eagle in flight with snowwy mountains behind

Immature Bald Eagle in flight


close up view of a young bald eagle in flight

Proud bird


Bald Eagle flying along a Washington State beach

Bald Eagle cruising the beach


Bald Eagle diving with white sky background

Eagle diving


Bald Eagle close up of eyes and tallons

Eagle eye stare down


pair of bald eagles flying together

Pair of eagles in flight


Bald Eagle watching a pair of Great Blue Herons catching fish

Jealous eagle - two herons with lunch


eagles chasing a blue heron

Three eagles and a heron


3 eagles with a small fish

Four eagles


eagles and herons in action on the beach

Asserting the pecking order


Three Bald Eagles, two adults and one juvenile

Two adults and a juvenile


five bald eagles and a crow

Five eagles and a crow


three eagles in flight playing together



pretty bald eagle in flight with mountains behind

Pretty bird


beautiful eagle in flight swooping with wings spread wide

Pretty wings


pair of eagles in flight near Gig Harbor Washington

Beautiful birds


eagles mid air fighting

Sharp talons



eagle diving with talons ready



Eagle landing with wings spread wide open

Eagle landing


young bald eagles interacting on the beach

Showing off


close up detail of a young juvenile bald eagle in flight

Young bald eagle in flight


close up photograph of a young bald eagle in flight

Close up


imature bald eagle in flight top wing view



young imature bald eagle in flight in Washington State Hood Canal



bald eagles mid air flight action



pair of bald eagles flying with tallons out

Near miss


eagle combat adult vs juvenile

Talons up


magestic bald eagle perched in a tree with sunset light



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