Bird Photography - Ducks
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Pretty little female Wood duck hen with a nice reflection

Female Wood Duck Reflection


Wood Duck hen flapping her wings and spraying water

Spray Time


Wood Duck Drake enjoying a morning swim

Wood Duck Drake with Pretty Eyes


Male Wood Duck drake with his hood up

Proud Bird


Wood Duck in threatening posture



Wood duck drake face close up

Pretty Face


Wood Ducks swimming in a swamp

More Wood Ducks


Male Wood duck swimming back into the woods

Sunset Swim - Back into the Woods


mallard duck in flight at sunrise

Mallard Sunrise Flight


Mallard Drake swimming beautiful water

Mallard Drake


Mallard hen in flight in sunset light

Mallard Hen Sunset Flight


Mallard Drake in flight with angelic wing motion

Mallard Drake with Angelic Wings


mallard duck landing

Mallard drake with gear and flaps down


pair of mallards in flight

Pair of Mallards in flight


four mallard ducks flying in formation

Mallards enjoying a fine day


Mallard duck about to land on the water

Coming in for a landing


Beautiful Mallard duck

Mallard Wings - licensed to Bass Pro Shops - for 2014 NASCAR


Mallard Duck photo on the side of the Bass Pro Shops NASCAR 1014 race at Daytona

Mallard Wings - Bass Pro Shops Ducks Unlimited NASCAR


Mallard ducj in flight with nice green coloring on its head

Beautiful Day


Mallard Drake in flight on a cloudy day

Mallard Drake early morning flight


Mallard Hen in flight close up photography

Mallard hen flying by very close


Mallard hen in flight over the Los Angeles River

Beautiful Morning


Mallard hen close up portrait photo



close up view of a mallard drake

Proud Drake


female Mallard hen in sunset light

Plump Mallard Hen


Cinnamon Teal and Mallards

Mallards and Teal in the LA River


Cinnamon Teal Drakes and Hens swimming in the Los Angeles river in Burbank California

Cinnamon Teal


Cinnamon Teal Drake flying with fall colors in the background

Cinnamon Teal Drake in flight


Cinnamon Teal's in flight

Fast Flight


Blue-winged Teal in flight

Cinnamon Teal Hen in flight


Mandarin duck swimming in a swamp

Mandarin Duck Drake


Gorgeous Mandarin Drake swimming in beautiful light

Morning Swim


Close up view of a gorgeous Mandarin duck

Mandarin Duck at Sunrise


Beautiful Mandarin Drake with a nice reflection

Beautiful Mandarin Duck


Male Ring-necked duck drake with nice water reflection colors

Drake Ring-necked Duck


female Ring-Necked Duck swimming in the Los Angeles river

Shy little hen Ring-necked Duck


Ruddy Duck proudly displays its blue bill

Ruddy Duck with a beautiful blue bill


Lesser Scaup drake

Lesser Scaup drake enjoying a morning swim


A pair of Lesser Scaup hens

Pair of Lesser Scaup hens preening


Wigeons in flight

American Wigeon's in flight


Feamle Widgeon Duck

American Wigeon Hen


American Wigeon drake

American Wigeon Drake


Wigeon Drake close up view

Young Wigeon Drake


Wigeon hen close up bird photography

Sweet little Wigeon


American Wigeon quacking



Widgeon Hen in flight

Wigeon Hen in flight


beautiful male and female widgeon playing and spraying

Play Time


pair of mergansers in the high Sierra


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