New York State Wildflowers

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I spent an enjoyable two weeks in Upstate New York and discovered a number of beautiful wildflowers, and I just had to stop and photograph them. I didn't set off on a day trip to shoot wildflowers, like I've done in California, instead, spent time enjoying a number of different activities, while driving from Buffalo to Plattsburg, and back. I have to admit, the Adirondacks are as beautiful as the Sierra, and certainly denser with ground vegetation, and frequent rain. I hope to return next year and focus a bit more on New York's gorgeous wildflowers.

Purple Adirondack wildflowers at sunset

Adirondack Hillside Wildflowers


Assorted Adirondack wildflowers overlook a beautiful scene

Scenic Overlook

Adirondack New York wild flowers

Clearing Storm


Purple Iris growing wild in a swamp near Plattsburg New York

Colorful Swamp full of native Blue Flag Iris wildflowers


Wild purple iris swamp relection

Adirondack Wildflowers


A swamp full of wild Iris versicolor

Purple Irises


Cat Tails

Cat Tails


Cichorium intybus wildflower



Daylily Macro

Orange Daylily close up


Liliaceae orange Daylily wildflower

Daylily Pistols and Stamens


Orange Hieracium aurantiacum wildflower

Orange Hawkweed


Pink wildflowers

Deptford Pink wildflowers


More Dianthus armeria wildflowers

Pretty in Pink


Purple Vicia cracca wildflower

Cow Vetch Wildflower


Lythrum salicaria  wildflowers

Purple Loosestrife


Gorgeous Sweet Pea wildflowers Lathyrus latifolia

Sweet Pea Wildflowers


Lathyrus latifolia - Pink Sweet Pea Wildflowers

Sweet Pea Enjoying Rain


Pretty yellow wildflower



Wild Daisy

Simple Elegance


A bunch of wild white Daisies

Common Wild Daisies


raindrops on Musk Mallow wild flower petals

Raindrops on Musk Mallow


Lupine macro



Bumblebee on Lupine flower

Happy Bumble Bee


Bee flying into a yellow flower

Another Happy Little Bee


yellow wildflower

Closing for the night


Adirondack Wildflowers at Tupper Lake New York

Adirondack Wildflowers

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