Allen's Hummingbird Enjoys California Wildflowers

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March 22 2010

I drove from L.A. to San Luis Obispo County to spend a day photographing spring wildflowers, and what an amazing day it was. The canyons were glowing with a visual feast for the eyes and nose and soon I realized I wasn't alone. A large re-tailed hawk soared effortlessly above and I quickly removed the 200mm macro lens from my camera and popped on a 300mm with a TC, focused on the hawk, clicked away, and realized I had neglected to change my camera from single shot focus to continuous mode. In the seconds it took to make the adjustment, the hawk was flying away, when suddenly, about five feet in front of me a gorgeous little hummingbird performed an aerial ballet above the flowers. I dropped to my knees, then onto my belly, and carefully slid down the hill while tracking the hummer as it flitted from flower to flower, drinking sweet nectar, while transferring pollen from blossom to blossom.

Goldenstar flowers and leaves blossoming from what apear to be dried up bushes

Giant Coreopsis emerge from winter hibernation


Red-tailed hawk in flight over a canyon painted with vibrant spring wildflower colors

Red-tailed hawk departing the scene

Beautiful male Allen's Hummingbird flying over a Blue Dick wildflower in a quest for nectar

Beautiful male Allen's Hummingbird seeking sweet wildflower nectar


Allen's Hummingbird with a flaming orange gorget glowing in spring sunlight

Displaying a brilliant red gorget


Allen's Hummingbird in flight



Allen's Hummingbird feeding on nectar and pollen from a Blue dick wildflower

Sipping nectar while in flight


Allen's Hummingbird in flight photography



Allen's Hummingbird flying towards another wildflower

Flying from flower to flower


Allen's Hummingbird approaches another flower

Enjoying a Beautiful Day


California sure is Beautiful,   wildflowers and hummingbirds are a nice combination

The tiniest soul with feathers


Cute little hummingbird

Cute Little Bird


Allen's hummingbird in flight feeding on Blue Dick wildflowers

Bulls Eye

Sweet wildflower nectar offers hummingbirds a delicious treat,
while dusting their bills with pollen, to pollinate the next blossom


Hummingbirds beat their wings so fast they are a delightful blur of motion

Abundant Wildflowers


Hummingbird's long slender bill allows for easy access to the goodies wildflowers offer

Busy Bird


Stopping from flower to flower

Beautiful Wings


Facing the camera

Keeping an eye on the camera, and operator


Pretty hummingbird approaches another wildflower

Another tasty looking flower


Hummingbird hovering with pollen on its bill

Time for more pollen on the bill


Hummingbird hovering effortlessly

Hovering Effortlessly


Close up photo of a hummingbird in flight

Gorgeous male Allen's hummingbird posed for a close up photo, and departed


California Poppy in full bloom

Beautiful California Poppy in full bloom


fiddleneck and a cool looking rock with lichen

I photographed numerous flowers, but this page has enough photos...

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