California Wildflowers

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March 25 2009

Searching For Brilliant Colors and Exceptional Detail

Indian Paintbrush

An Indian Paintbrush colors the canvas


Macro view of an Indian Paintbrush wildflower

With hot strokes of Red and Green


Padres Shooting stars glowing with back lit sunshine

Padres Shooting Stars weave hot trails of purple and gold


macro photo of Padres Shooting Stars

Looking nice with a background of green


Tidy Tip wildflowers opening up

The race is on to cover bare ground


Natibe Fiddleneck flower in a field of Baby Blue Eyes

Also racing skywards

Cream Cups, a beautiful native California wildflower

Beautiful Cream Cups brightened the scene


Cream cups dancing in the wind

Coating the ground with patches of cream


Cream Cup wildflowers

Such elegant little wildflowers


I lay at ground level with a macro lens on my camera to get these shots

Green, blue and white, until they close up at night


Baby blue Eye flower about to open

Interesting combination of colors


I like the blue halo above this flower

Another sunny southern California spring day


Macro wildflower photography sure is fun!

Green and Blue brightened the scene


Baby Blue Eye flower opening up

Baby Blue Eye peeks at the sun


Amazingly beautiful bluw wildflowers blooming on a warm spring afternoon

Opening quickly to enjoy the day


Baby Blue Eyes

Spreading wide to absorb the light


Hungry honey bees explore the bounty

Happily welcoming bees in flight


close up photo of a Baby blue Eye wildflower

Such a pretty little flower


macro close up view of a Baby blue Eye spring wildflower

Glowing with life


macro photograph showing the inside of a Baby Blue Eye wildflower

Gotta love those baby blues


Yellow and Blue wildflowers in bloom

Soon the blues will be replaced with gold


Tidytip about to boom

blue and gold


Black and Blue

blue and green


Red Maid, a gorgeous purple and very small wildflower

green and purple


Californai Goldflields in full bloom

yellow and orange


Goldflields, Lupine and Storksbill wildflowers

It was a colorful and enjoyable spring day!

gold line

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