2009 California Spring Wildflowers

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March 21 2009

California Poppies and Lupine flow like river into the landscape

A beautiful spring day in Southern California, where rivers of flowers flow through the landscape


Fields of Poppies, Lupine and many other varieties of native wildflowers in bloom

Poppies, Lupine and Popcorn weave tapestries of delight


It was hard to stop photographing and continue hiking

Colored with life


Countless acres of California Poppies, Lupine and a variety of other native wildflowers

Sweet fragrances float in the wind


Fiddlenecks, popocorn, lupine, owls clower and poppies

Painted with a full palette of colors


Mixture of Owls Clover, popcorn and Lupine, such a delight

Owls Clover, Lupine and Popcorn, a perfect combination


fiddleneck blossoms macro photograph




Moments of sunshine were deeply appreciated


poppies and hills

Briefly the sky turned blue


purple and gold, my favorite colors

The landscape was captivating


California Oak Trees

Higher elevation foliage begins to awaken from winter


A vast field of Blue Dicks, waving in the afternoon breeze

Lower elevation Blue Dicks waving goodbye

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