2009 San Luis Obispo County Spring Wildflowers


March 17 2009

Canyon of color

One of my favorite places to explore, where California wildflowers are starting to bloom


carpet of wildflowers

Young wildflowers blanket the ground



Goldfields race towards the sun


macro goldflield and baby lupine

Lupine dance in the wind


Lupine flower

Caressed by warm spring breezes


baby lupine blossom

Quickly rising tall and proud


macro shot of small white wildflowers - Linanthus

Delicate Lanathus infuse the scene with graceful delight


Red Maids in bloom

Red Maids eagerly attracting pollinators


Macro selective focus on the tip of a Red Maids petal

Melting in the arms of springs embrace


field of shooting stars

A patch of Shooting stars invite me to explore


macro wildflower photography - shooting stars

Up close


shooting star wildflower

Subtly delicate and powerful


close up view of a native wildflower called a Shooting Star

Such a wild flower


shooting star and fiddleneck macro

I wish spring was not so fleeting


macro photography fiddleneck flower

Fiddlenecks unfurl skywards


hillside poppies

Poppies warm steep hillsides


a beautiful patch of poppies

Pleasurable sight


California poppy

Cup full of sunshine


California poppy with nice color and texture

Gorgeous Poppy


California Poppy

A wonderful day


pair of poppies

An attractive couple


close up view inside a poppy

Hot Stuff


A beautiful California orange poppy

Afternoon delight


macro California poppy photography



canyon of wildflowers

In a week or so the colors will explode, then the trees will awaken, and the scene goes green

I'll be back


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