2009 California Spring Wildflowers


March 12 2009

Field of flowers in full bloom near Arvin California

I love springtime in California


cows in a field of California spring wildflowers

I think the cows enjoy it as well


poppy soaking up California sunshine

It was a perfect day to soak up California sunshine


California poppies

Poppies were blazing with radiance


macro photo California poppy

Flowing with elegance


more poppies

I enjoy photographing poppies


Vibrant wild poppies



Shooting stars wildflowers

Shooting Stars, blazing away


Padres Shooting stars

They looked hot and cool


macro photo native California wildflowers , Shooting Stars

I had to keep waiting for the breeze to stop, before photographing, such an enjoyable day


macro wildflower photography shootingstar blossom

Shooting Star close up


California Sun Cup

I believe this flower is a California Sun Cup


Thank you Spencer Westbrook for informing helping me to identify these beautiful little Storksbill, erodium flowers

Beautiful little Storksbill flowers peppered the ground with exotic flavor


Tansy Phacelia

Tansy Phacelia were mixed in with the poppies


tansy phacalia macro

Tansy Phacalia will soon electrify the scene with a purple hue


coastal tody tips

Tidytips blooming


Fiddleneck flowers were just starting to blossom

Fiddlenecks waking up from winter


fiddlenecks in bloom

Fiddleneck blossoms


goldenstar in bloom

Goldenstars shined brilliantly



Lupine were in abundance


Lupine in a pretty setting

Lupine waving in the breeze


close up macro wildflower photography, lupines

Vibrancy of colors was amazing


macro photograph of a lupine tip

Macro view


colorful California lichens

Lichens on the rocks were as colorful as the flowers


The great terrain robbery

I enjoyed hiking around, the terrain was spectacular


cow eating fresh grass and wildflowers

The cows looked well fed


cows departing into a field of California wildflowers

I think she's happy here, and I'll be back, very soon


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