California Spring Wildflower Photography


April 16 2008

Spring time in Southern California

I spent an enjoyable afternoon photographing California spring wildflowers and scenery


A small pond near Gorman California

I enjoyed the land, water and sky


pretty clouds over head

Pretty Clouds


amazingly beautiful clouds over the Gorman hills

The clouds were amazingly beautiful, and vanished in less than 30 minutes


poppies in the hills

The sun was bright and powerful


hiking and photographing native California wildflowers

I hiked upwards, while taking pictures


California poppies and various other wildflowers

It was a beautiful spring afternoon


close-up view of wildflowers

The variety of colors was incredible


Large lupine and bush poppies close to the top of the Gorman hills

Variety of native wildflowers


Mixed California wildflowers on top of the Gorman hills

Hilltop Wildflowers


California poppies in full bloom

Full Bloom


Beautiful California poppy flower on top of the mountain

Mountain top poppy


poppy stamens loaded with pollen

Loaded with Pollen


poppy stamens loaded with pollen

Close up view


macro view of a desert dandelion

A gorgeous desert dandelion


desert dandelion macro close up view inside the flower

Close up view


A macro shot of a California Suncup flower

Pretty little California Sun Cup


California Sun Cup blowing in the breeze

Soaking up California sunshine


California Poppy

California Poppy


sunshine and spring poppies

I was having fun


A small beetle inside a poppy

Many of the poppies had small beetles inside


close-up view of a California poppy

Macro view


poppies blowing in the wind

The afternoon breeze picked up


a patch of poppies and lupine

Poppies and Lupine swaying in the breeze


Great Egrets flying over a field of poppies

Great Egrets waving good bye


poppies with petals closed

Poppies began closing for the night


soft and delicate poppy petals

soft and delicate


macro shot of a loccoweed wildflower



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