Kern County - Spring has Sprung

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March 12 2010

California spring wildflowers

California Spring Wildflowers


California spring wildflowers and poppies in the Kern River canyon

Canyon Hillside Poppies


natural bowls in large boulders had mini temporary ecosystems

Temporary Spring Ecosystem


Kern River Canyon spring time

Shaded canyon areas will be blooming soon


Fiddleneck on one side and poppies on the other

Poppies on one side Fiddlenecks on the other


Kern River Canyon hillsdies painted with layers of wildflower colors

Layers of Color, Poppies, Lupine and Fiddlenecks


Califrina spring wildflowers

Nice Day for a Hike


Rocky canyon hillsides covered with vibrant green spring grasses

Rocky canyon hilltops covered with vibrant spring grasses


patches of popcorn flowers replace patches of snow

Patches of white popcorn flowers replace patches of snow


hawk patrolling the hillsides

Hawk patrolling the scene


Rufous-crowned Sparrow singing happy songs

Songbirds were Singing


bare spring California Oak trees

Oaks still bare from winter


California poppies growing in the Kern River canyon hill tops

Poppies were Blooming


Wind torn California poppy

Time for a Closer Look


Poppies are starting to bloom

Show of colors is just beginning


Beautiful California poppy

Poppy Portrait


Close up artistic photography of a poppy and grass

Poppy and Grass


another close up shot of a poppy and grass

It's hard picking a few favorite photos for this web page


macro close up artistic poppy photography

Nice Petals


Poppies and fiddlenecks

Poppies and Fiddlenecks





Blue Dick wildflowers at sunset

Blue Dicks savoring the last rays of sunlight


poppies and blue dicks along the river

Poppies and Blue Dicks


Kern River and boulder with a rain filled pocket of water

Rocky Kern River


riverside dusk

My hope for a flaming orange sunset, reflecting upon the water didn't materialize
although it was a beautiful enjoyable day

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