California Mojave Desert Wildflower Photography

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April 18 2009

Alabama Hills and Eastern Sierra mountain view

A wonderful place to spend an afternoon looking for life


Sierra Mountains, Alabama Hills, and desert wildflowers

A beautiful day

Desert Dandelions and white Pincushions complement the landscape


Indian Paintbrush

Indian Paintbrush's danced in the breeze


Indian Paintbrush close up macro view

Close up view


Indian Paintbrush bristles

Very fine bristles on this brush


Back lit Indian Paintbrush flower

As captivating as the landscape it lives in


Apricot Globe Mallow

Apricot Globe Mallow flicker like candles in the wind


Apricot Globe Mallow close up macro view

Fiery little blossoms


Looking inside Apricot Mallow flowers

Filling the air with sweet perfume


purple Phacelia in the Alabama Hills

High desert sunlight is amazingly intense, better for flowers than photography


Mojave Aster glows with solar power

Mojave Aster aglow with solar power


Sierra Onion flowers

Sierra Onion flowers tickle the senses


Red Tick on Sierra Onion blossoms



Tick infestation

Tickling ticks


Tiny little Sandblossoms reaching skywards

Tiny little Sandblossoms reach skywards


macro close up view of desert Sandblossoms

In some places they covered the ground like snow drifts



Purple Sandblossoms sharing the light


Sandblossom petals, and a visitor

Tiny little visitor enjoy a beautiful playground of Sandblossom petals


Miniature Lupine

Miniature Lupine, only several inches tall


Desert Mule Deer

Deer were as surprised to see me as I was to see them


Eastern Sierra, Alabama Hills, and mixed vegitation

This location proved to be rich with life

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