California Central Coast Spring Wildflower Photography


March 28 2008

I just arrived home from a trip up the central California coast, visiting a factory in the Silicon Valley, and I'm glad I brought a camera along. The coastal scenery was beautiful, but the big surprise was the fields and hillsides covered with wildflowers. I pulled over a number of times to take photos, and this trip started a new personal passion, photographing native California spring wildflowers. San Luis Obispo county is one of my favorite destinations, for a variety of reasons, including the scenery and gorgeous displays of wildflowers.

Morro Bay California, a beautiful place to visit, and I'm sure, to live in as well

Morro Bay California


Rugged Big Sur California coastal view, with waves, rocks, and flowers

Big Sur coastline


Elephant seal on the beach near San Simeon

Some beaches had colonies of Elephant Seals


Central California hillsides glowing with patches of orange California Poppies

Coastal hills were a blaze with fiery orange poppies


Hillsides covered with goldflield flowers near the Carrizo Plain

Some hills wore blankets of yellow


spring wildflowers covered the hills with vibrant color

From a distance some hills looked like giant nuggets of gold, gleaming in the sun


Hills near Carrizo Plain California covered with spring wildflowers

I stopped numerous times to photograph the flowers and scenery


macro photography of California Poppies and Goldfields

Springtime in California sure is spectacular


Poppies, Goldfields, Baby Blue Eyes and Blue Dicks carpeted the ground with amazing colors and textures

The variety of colors and textures was amazingly beautiful


Macro wildflower photography, Blue dicks, Poppies, Tidy Tips and Goldfields

It was hard deciding which flowers to focus on


Macro shot of a Blue Dick

Blue Dicks stood elegantly over the poppies and goldfields


Spring fields of color

Oak trees were beginning to bud


A family was enjoying a gorgeous spring day, and their girl was as happy as could be

A free spirit enjoys a fine day


Macro photo of Baby Blue Eyes in full bloom

Baby Blue Eyes reflected the color of the sky


close up view of California poppies, Goldfields and Baby Blue Eyes

Birds were singing and the air smelled sweet


California mixed wildflowers macro photography

Macro close up view


Photoshop effect on a macro spring wildflower collection

I couldn't resist a little Photoshop treatment


Coastal Tidytips

Coastal Tidytips were blooming


selective focus macro shott looking down into a poppy

California Poppies were almost in full bloom


macro view of a poppy petal

Close up view of a poppy petal


California Poppies soaking up sunshine

Poppies soaking up abundant California sunshine



Morro Bay California sunset

Morro Bay sunset, March 2008


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