2009 California Wildflower Photography

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May 3 2009 - Searching for Kennedy's Mariposa Lilies

Border of the Eastern Sierra and the High Desert

Time to take another hike


Kennedy's Mariposa Lilies and Sierra Onion

Luckily, I found them, Kennedy's Mariposa Lilies and Sierra Onion flowers


close up view of Calochortus kennedyi Porter var. kennedyi

Despite arid conditions they appear remarkably fresh


Kennedy's Mariposa Lily bud

Almost in full bloom


Red Mariposa Lily, Kennedy's Mariposa Lily

I was happy finding these elusive flowers


Hovering hungry bee

Bees buzzed happily


making its final approach

Diving in


mmm, tasty

Time to find different flowers to photograph


Gorgeous Kennedy's Mariposa Lily

Gorgeous Kennedy's Mariposa Lily


soft petal edges

Nice petals


orange mariposa lily

Peeking inside


Standing tall and proud

Not quite a California Redwood, but just as impressive


view inside a Kennedy Mariposa Lily

Purple pollen


These are amazing gorgeous wildflowers

Crazy Wildflower


Scientific name: Calochortus kennedyi Porter var. kennedyi


Sierra Onion flower

Sierra Onion blossoms


Native California wildflower, Sierra Onion blossoms

Pretty in pink


Plump & curious hawk circles overhead

Curious juvenile Red-Tail hawk circles overhead

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