Realistic Hexagenia Limbata Mayfly


tying a realistic hex mayfly, flexible copper wire and 20 lb mono and thread to create the underbody

Hex mayfly underbody, thread, flexible copper wire and 20lb mono


segmenting a realistic insect body with two pieces of Swiss straw raffia

Segmentation with two pieces of Swiss straw raffia


tying a realistic segmented body with swiss straw

Segmented, transparent paint brush bristles for legs, and rear wings tyed in

Both pieces of raffia are cut in half lengthwise. making four pieces, for the top, bottom and sides


tying on the body segmentations, legs and wings

shaping up nicely


Realistic Hexagenia Limbata Mayfly completed at the vise

Pair of Realistic Hexagenia Limbata


realistic hex mayfly on top of my finger

Another realistic hex mayfly


a pair of realistic hex mayflies

More realistic mayflies




June 2007 - A few Unusual Photos of Hex Mayflies in Action


the hex hatch is on

A real Hex mayfly landed on my fishing rod


come to papa

It seemed as if my realistic mayfly was helping to pull her up


nice pair of hex mayflies

A pair of good looking insects


mayfly love

Time for a kiss


getting aquainted

Getting acquainted


mating dance

I think she likes him


hooking up

I think these mayflies are having as much fun as I am photographing them



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