Realistic Fishing Lure - Stonefly Nymph


completed realistic stonefly nymph

Making a big fat juicy stonefly


tying thread over mono technique

The shape of the body is mono fishing line tied to the side of the hook and covered with thread


Making realistic stonefly legs using thread over mono

 The legs are 30lb mono covered with thread, each made before putting on the fly


Ostrich herl tyed onto the legs

Ostrich herl secured on the legs, for a little extra detail


covering the body with a thin strip of plastic

  The tails are mono covered with thread, then one final layer of thread colored with a marker

Wrap a thin strip of plastic over the thread on the abdomen


tying the legs onto the fly

  Next the legs are secured with thread


Applying dubbing onto the fly

A bit of dubbing is applied


wing buds are tied on

Wing buds made with four layers of fabric and flexament


More legs and wing buds are tyed onto the stonefly nymph

Continue adding legs and wing buds


It's starting to look like a fat stonefly

It's starting to look like a fat stonefly

Eyes are two small black beads on a piece of mono fishing line,
with the ends burnt to keep beads from sliding off


ventral view of a realsitc stonefly nymph

Ventral view 


completed realistic stonefly nymph

Markers and varnish tinted with pigment powders were applied


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