Hoh Rainforest - April 2017

I spent the last weekend of April immersed in the spectacular natural beauty of the Hoh Rainforest, such an amazing place to visit!


Beautiful Hoh Rainforest stream surrounded with glowing spring green foliage

silky stream


Hoh Rainforest mountains with clouds spilling into the valleys

parting clouds


Hoh River overlook

Hoh River vista


turquoise colored glacial fed stream

Hoh River


telephoto photo of Hoh River water and moss covered rocks

close up


Hoh Rainforest vegitation includes large trees and small mosses and ferns

deep woods


Skunk Cabbage with a patch of snow

remnants of winter snow


yellow Skunk Cabbage blossoms up close

Skunk Cabbage


cloe up macro photography of a yellow skunk cabbage flower tip

intimate view


macro close up photo of tiny white mushrooms growing in the Hoh Rainforest floor

tiny mushrooms


orange tree fungus and fern leaf

orange tree fungus


macro close up photography of a small crimson colored Salmonberry flower and leaf

Salmonberry blossom


Trillium blossom flower in the Hoh Rainforest



leafy spring ground cover

ground cover


Herd of Elk resting in a field

Elk nap time


Pair of female Elk cows on a gravel road

Cows on road - (my Bull Elk shot from a few years ago)


merganser ducks on the Hoh River

common Mergansers on stream


large heart shaped rock on the bank of the Hoh River

heart rock


huge trees washed up on the beach below the rainforest mountains

beached tree


crab shell and rocks covered with Vella Vella small blue jellyfish on Washinton State coastline

beached crab shell and jellyfish


Vella Vella jellyfish on the rocks close up photo

Vella Vella jellyfish on the rocks


Vella Vella jellyfish macro close up photography



Bald Eagle in a tree in sunset light

majestic spectator



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